Rosco Lowers Total Cost Of Ownership For Smart Card Issuers

Brighton, June 10th, 2003 – Microexpert announced today the formal launch of Rosco, a remote Smart Card /Token control system. This innovative new solution enables Smart Card issuers to securely communicate with any Smart Card deployed in the field from any browser connected to the Internet. Rosco also allows users and issuers to remotely maintain and update any allocated Smart Card and/or Token securely, as and when they need to. Rosco has been specially designed to streamline the Smart Card/Token updating process, making it quicker and easier and in doing so helping to lower the overall cost of ownership for Smart Card issuers.

According to figures released by Eurosmart, it is forecasted that by the end of 2003 there will be an estimated 1.9 billion Smart Cards in circulation. “Managing Smart Cards that are already in circulation is a costly and time-consuming process. Traditional card management systems work at the platform level and often require high support overheads. The only other option is to order a full recall of all the cards in the field and re-issue at a great expense to the company and an unwelcome disruption for the cardholder.” said Dr David Everett, CEO, Microexpert Limited. Requiring only a card reader and access to a standard web browser at client-side, Rosco can provide a reliable, secure link between the card and the host server. The solution operates at the application level and using a simple webpage, the host can upload a full range of applications to the card using Java WebStart.

“On request from the client, the card scripts are transferred over the Internet on a highly secure cryptographically protected channel and automatically receive rapid response from the client.” Said Jon Barber, Director, Microexpert. The Rosco client software is small and easy to install yet features sufficient intelligence to dramatically reduce server load, which is vital when dealing with large card volumes. Unlike traditional card management systems, which rely on Microsoft’s proprietary Active X controls, Rosco works on a fully open platform independently offering full support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux environments. This creates a secure negotiation session which can get through any firewall with any browser. Rosco can also be fully integrated into current card management systems increasing the added value level of the product.

About Microexpert Limited

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