Ibas and HP Join Forces – Leading the Way in Reliable Erasing of Sensitive Data

Ibas and HP Norway have entered into a collaboration agreement to ensure reliable erasing of data on computer servers, and now offer software that allows customers to do the job quickly and efficiently by themselves. By using a program available on a CD, customers can now erase all sensitive information on servers to be discarded or used for new applications.

Unfamiliarity with the potential risks involved in not sufficiently erasing data on discarded servers and poor routines is a common situation for many Norwegian companies and governmental agencies. Alarmingly, old servers are often simply thrown out or used for other tasks, without sensitive data first being properly erased from the system.

– Insufficient routines for data erasure is without a doubt a seriously underestimated security risk, say Department Manager at Ibas Dag Arnesen. Removing all data on a hard disk linked to a server with RAID controllers is a complicated operation, given the structure and set-up of today’s operating systems. Many people simply format the hard disk, but this is similar to tearing out the table of contents in a book: the actual contents is still there for all to see.’

If sensitive data falls into the wrong hands it can be extremely expensive for businesses, and confidential data is often stored on servers.

– In Norway alone, says HP Manager for industrial standard serves in Norway, Arild Slagnes, about 10,000 HP ProLiant servers are replaced annually, something that theoretically translates into up to 500 terabytes of potentially sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. We therefore see the need for an effective and safe way to erase data stored on old servers. Ibas is a Norwegian supplier with a very high level of expertise in the field, and it is a pleasure for us at HP to work with companies working actively to advance the development of this critical technology.

Simple and effective

Much of the reason why companies do not sufficiently erase data on their computers is that it used to be a very complicated procedure. Until now, one had to use a time-consuming process in which the hard disks had to be taken out of the server cabinet and connected to an ordinary PC with a SCSI host adapter card. This is no longer the case. HP and Ibas are now launching Server Eraser, which is available on a single CD, so that customers can easily and quickly erase data on SCSI discs with RAID controllers.

The customer himself chooses which hard disks are to be erased; for example, just the hard disks linked to a controller, or one or several other specific hard disks.

Public sector ‘best in class’

The public sector has up to now been much better than private businesses at using reliable erasing procedures, and thus more compliant with guidelines laid down by the Norwegian Data Inspectorate.

– We are now experiencing that ever more private businesses are taking the problem seriously and improving routines when discarding old computer equipment. Server Eraser is a tool that makes this job significantly easier, says Dag Arnesen.

About Ibas
The data security company Ibas, established in 1978, is one of the world’s leading companies in Data Recovery and Data Erasure with Computer Forensics as an emerging business area. The Group’s Head Office is located in Kongsvinger, Norway, with subsidiaries, distributors and partners worldwide. Ibas is a company in the Norman Group. For more information, please visit www.ibas.com/www.norman.com

About HP
HP is a leading global supplier of products, technologies, solutions and services to private customers and companies. The company supplies computer infrastructure, computers and peripheral units, global services, as well as solutions for image processing and printing purposes. HP acquired Compaq Computer Corp. on 3 May 2002. More information about HP and the company’s products is available at www.hp.no

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