Scalable Networks Ensures Security at Martin Brokers

Money Brokers Complete Security Healthcheck And Network Install

Scalable Networks, an independent network integrator and consultancy, has recently carried out penetration testing at money brokers Martin Brokers UK, as part of a wider security audit of the company’s IT systems. This is in addition to installing a network for the company at its new UK headquarters in the City.

The penetration testing was carried out by Scalable in partnership with Interrorem, a provider of specialised security solutions and consultancy. The testing was conducted live and mimicked the actions of real life hackers to discover if the network at Martin Brokers contained any serious security flaws. The company runs a transactional system over its network that captures trading information, and to comply with current FSA stipulations, it is vital that its IT infrastructure is as secure as possible.

“Like any financial services company, our exposure to the outside world via e-mail, data feeds and website means that we need to ensure our systems are properly protected,” said Richard McElligott, IT manager at Martin Brokers UK. “We were pleased and reassured to find that the penetration testing didn’t find any serious problems with our network security. However, it did highlight the need to plug a few informational leaks, such as access to the type of software we use. It also confirmed the importance of regularly updating our Microsoft and ISS security patches.”

“It was very important that this testing was carried out thoroughly by accredited professionals – Scalable has considerable expertise in the securing of networks, while Interrorem is a vendor-independent consultancy using an Open Source testing methodology. As such, we knew that the ‘pass mark’ we received actually meant something,” continued McElligott.

Scalable has also recently installed a high speed network at Martin Brokers’s new premises. Consisting of two Extreme Networks Alpine 3808s in the core, and augmented by five Summit 48s, the network is designed to guarantee QoS and be as resilient as possible. The network supports 200 users, and has mission critical market data feeds from Moneyline Telerate, Reuters and Bloomberg running across it. The company’s websites ( and are also attached to the edge of the network, from where customers can access a variety of online broking services.

“One of the things that impressed us most about Scalable was its efficiency in configuring the various routers and switches during the implementation. Perhaps even more importantly, Scalable provided personnel on site over the bank holiday weekend when we fired the new network up – the value of this was borne out by the fact that a high percentage of all applications worked perfectly the next morning when the brokers returned to their desks,” added McElligott.

About Martin Brokers UK
Martin Brokers (UK) PLC is an inter-professional money broker with a 100 year history. The company offers broking services in: Foreign Exchange; Currency Deposits; Arbitrage; Forward Rate Agreements; Interest Rate Swaps; Overnight Index Swaps; Credit Derivatives; Other Derivatives; Domestic and Euro Sterling; Local Authority and Commercials. In 1973, it became the first money broker to have its shares listed on The London Stock Exchange. The company was taken over by Trio Holdings PLC in 1993. For more information, go to

About Scalable Networks
Scalable Networks Plc is a specialist independent network integrator and consultancy focused on content and application layer switching, network security, network infrastructure and voice and data convergence. The company has a select portfolio of hardware and software products from strategic vendors including Extreme Networks, Cisco Systems, Radware, NetScreen and NetScout. These are integrated with its own services to provide solutions to customers that include B&Q, the Royal Society of Medicine, Southampton FC, and the Bank of Cyprus. For further information, visit

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