Nemx Anti-Spam Software Provides Cost-Effective Solution

For Fighting Spam Power Tools provides enterprises with multiple lines of defense against spam, at fraction of the cost of competing solutions

Ottawa, Canada – June 23, 2003 – Nemx Software, a provider of anti-virus and secure content management products for companies of all sizes, today announced that its Power Tools anti-spam software has added new features to meet the growing need of enterprises to have multiple lines of defense against spam. Nemx offers currently the most cost-efficient offering of its kind on the market, yielding low total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximum value for enterprises using Microsoft Exchange.

To assist enterprises of all sizes in the fight against spam, Nemx has added a concept management component to its latest version of Power Tools Advanced edition. Concept manager is a highly intelligent and intuitive feature that uses natural language processing to better understand the “concept” of the message. For instance, when the email is trying to sell you something, “prescription medications” are involved, “there is a Web site for more information”, and a “mailing list removal request” is present at the end of the email Concept Manager is not fooled by common spamming techniques such as HTML trickery or imbedded links and by analyzing the true intent of individual emails, results in higher spam detection rates with fewer false positives, thereby lowering the cost of spam and its management to the enterprise.

“As spam becomes more intelligent, businesses can’t afford to ignore this growing problem – however, many are thrown off by the heavy price tag that comes with today’s offerings,” said John Young, President of Nemx Software. “Nemx has enabled more than 3,000 companies worldwide to effectively fight virus and spam, at a significantly lower cost than competing solutions. The introduction of Concept Manager is evidence of Nemx’s ongoing commitment to providing as many different plans of attack as possible to our clients in the fight against spam.”

As spammers continue to become more sophisticated in their techniques, IT administrators require an arsenal of tools to fight spam. In addition to Concept Manager, Nemx Power Tools provides enterprises with multiple lines of defense against spam to create both cost and time savings for enterprises. Power Tools includes the following:

– Content Manager: Enables administrators to easily define rules to monitor for and manage spam, based on message contents
– Reverse BlackList (RBL) technology: Blocks spam before it can waste users’ time or steal valuable message storage space. With Nemx’s multiple RBL weighting technique, a balanced approach to killing spam, enterprises benefit from a very low number of false positives. The parallel processing feature provides a faster, more sophisticated way of dealing with spam than other solutions.
– Signature Maker: Adds predetermined messages to all email originating from a particular user or group of users, such as company-wide disclaimer statements
– Address Manager: Provides unlimited number of addressing rules to guarantee accurate delivery or simply removal of otherwise undeliverable mail
– Virus Manager: Protects companies from the threat of known and suspected viruses, including viruses and malicious code

About Nemx Software Corporation
Nemx Software Corporation was established in 1994 to provide adaptable security solutions for the Microsoft Exchange environment. Nemx was the first company to develop anti-virus products for the Microsoft Exchange client and since then, the company has designed products to work seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange. The company’s products meet the growing need for secure email content management, protection from viruses and SPAM, and monitors for inappropriate employee behavior and content. Nemx Power Tools offers multiple lines of defense in the fight against spam, and comes in two editions. Advanced Edition, offers enterprises of all sizes complete protection from both Internet and internal email, while Internet Edition, designed specifically for small to medium sized enterprises, addresses security at the Internet level. Nemx Software has more than 3,000 customers around the world, and is based in Ottawa, Canada. For more information about Nemx Software, please visit

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