Trapeze Networks, Makes a Big Splash in The United Kingdom Winning Best Product Of Networks For Business 2003

BIRMINGHAM, England – June 25, 2003 Trapeze Networks, the global provider of the award winning wireless LAN (WLAN) Mobility System, today announced they won the networking industry’s highest accolade at the UK’s Networking Industry Awards 2003. Trapeze’s Mobility System won the prestigious award for overall Best Product of Networks for Business 2003 at the 10th annual awards gala last night beating out top competitors in the networking industry.

The evening was designed to honour leading companies and recognise best practices in the field of networking technologies, products and services, said Jane Murphy, portfolio director for CMPi. Competition for the awards has never been greater not surprising considering the pressure on business to justify and maximize the return on any IT investment.

The awards, judged by an independent panel of leading professionals within the networking industry including Maxwell Cooter editor of Techworld UK’s premier site for IT professionals, recognised the success of those companies leading the way in the voice and data networking market. We were very impressed by the overall quality of Trapeze’s WLAN Mobility System and think it is the most well thought out product we’ve seen in a long while, said Cooter. This is the sort of product that will help accelerate the take up of the enterprise WLAN market in UK and around the globe.

The Mobility System includes the Mobility Exchange (MX), Mobility Point (MP), Mobility System Software (MSS) and the RingMaster tool suite. Together they share a systemwide control plane and data plane that delivers secure user mobility, seamless wired/wireless integration, and tools to plan and manage big enterprises before, during and after deployment.

The Trapeze Mobility System is the first integrated WLAN to leverage Identity-Based Networking, which lets users login once, roam and retain their access rights and roaming policies. VLANs, subnets, authentications, ACLs, roaming policies and history, location tracking, bandwidth usage and other personal statistics stay with users from wired to wireless wherever they roam. No other WLAN combines Identity-Based Networking, secure mobility, and pre and post deployment planning, management and optimisation tools in one system that seamlessly integrates wired with wireless.

This is our second product award for our Mobility System this month and our first award in Europe, said Kees van Veenendaal, Managing Director and Vice President of Sales, Europe/Middle East/Africa for Trapeze Networks. We are extremely proud to receive this award in the UK and are excited about the opportunity that we are seeing in the enterprise WLAN market throughout Europe.

About Trapeze Networks
Trapeze Networks delivers the power of business applications and services to the mobile enterprise workforce. The Trapeze Mobility System enhances productivity, introduces efficiencies and accelerates business response time by delivering secure mobility to users, pre- and post-deployment planning and management tools to IT, and seamless integration between wired and wireless networks. Founded in March 2002, Trapeze raised $50 million in venture funding to date and is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, U.S.A.

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