Intrusion Inc. Software-Appliance CD Turns Standard Server Platform into IDS Appliance

RICHARDSON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 7, 2003–Intrusion Inc. (Nasdaq:INTZ)

Intrusion SecureNet Software-Appliance CD turns select Dell(TM) servers and workstations into network IDS sensor appliances providing industry-leading quality and support with appliance total cost of ownership and simplicity!

Furthering the commitment of providing enterprises and governments with the only Common Criteria certified, best of breed network intrusion detection system, Intrusion Inc. (Nasdaq:INTZ), a leading provider of intrusion detection solutions for the information-driven economy, today announced the Intrusion SecureNet Sensor Software-Appliance CD. The Software-Appliance CD provides all of the ease of use and cost reducing benefits of the Intrusion Hardware-Appliances, with the additional flexibility of using industry leading server platforms.

Intrusion SecureNet Software-Appliance CD includes everything needed to make a standard server platform a fully functional network intrusion detection sensor with all of the total cost of ownership and simplicity of operation benefits offered by Intrusion’s Hardware-Appliances! The Software-Appliance CD includes a hardened operating system, drivers, services, the SecureNet Sensor application software and signatures all encapsulated in the easy-to-use, access-from-anywhere SecureNet WBI 2.0 sensor management interface. To make your approved server a SecureNet Sensor:

— Simply load the Intrusion SecureNet Software-Appliance CD into an approved server platform.
— Take a short break while the conversion takes place.
— Using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to SecureNet WBI 2.0 and complete licensing and configuration.

That’s it! Your standard server now operates with all the features and benefits of an integrated hardware-appliance.

“Intrusion has been at the forefront of the network IDS hardware-appliance space and is once again setting the pace with our SecureNet Software-Appliance CD, allowing our customers with existing purchase and service agreements with leading server vendors to leverage the best in IDS technology with the best servers in the market,” said Ryon Packer, vice president of product management, business development and marketing for Intrusion Inc. “With a full line of Hardware-Appliances and Software-Appliances, Intrusion provides the IDS/IPS consumer with more deployment choices both providing the same reduced total cost of ownership and operational simplicity features and benefits.”

Once installed, the entire system is managed with the SecureNet WBI 2.0 web browser interface. All drivers, services and software is both managed and maintained by SecureNet WBI – so there’s no need for patching and service packs. Just click a single button in the Intrusion web browser interface and the whole system is kept up to date. Additional centralized management comes from the SecureNet Provider suite. SecureNet Provider delivers centralized policy management, software deployment and event monitoring, forensics and reporting.

Pricing and Availability

The Intrusion SecureNet Sensor Software-Appliance CD is available for 10Mb/s, 100Mb/s, 250Mb/s and Gigabit networks. Prices start at just $2,000. Approved server platform purchased separately. The SecureNet Sensor Software-Appliance CD is available for the Dell PowerEdge 2650, PowerEdge 1650 and PowerEdge 650 as well as the Dell Optiplex GX60. Support for other models and makes will follow. The entire SecureNet family is available now from Intrusion Resellers and Distributors around the globe. SecureNet WBI 2.0 is included with each SecureNet Sensor appliance at no additional charge. Prices for Sensors range from under $3,000 for hardware and software combined to the mid-twenties for the Common Criteria EAL2 certified Intrusion SecureNet CC 7345.

Intrusion SecureNet Provider is priced per Sensor under management, freeing the security professional to architect the system without additional cost for redundant or tiered management.

About Intrusion Inc.

Intrusion Inc. is a leading global provider of intrusion detection and security solutions for the information-driven economy. Intrusion’s suite of security products for governments and enterprises help protect critical information assets by quickly detecting, analyzing and responding to network- and host-based attacks. The company’s products include the Intrusion SecureNet(TM) line of leading network intrusion detection and the Intrusion PDS(TM) security appliances for Check Point Software Technologies’ market-leading VPN-1(R)/FireWall-1(R). For more information, please visit

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