AirDefense launches solution to secure and support wireless LANs with 24×7 monitoring for rogue detection & policy enforcement

AirDefense introduced its AirDefense Guard 1120 as an entry-level solution to provide the highest level of security and support for enterprise wireless LANs at an affordable price.

The AirDefense Guard 1120 is based on the innovative AirDefense platform that consists of distributed sensors and a server appliance. The remote sensors monitor all wireless LAN activities 24×7 and communicate with the server appliance, which provides scalable, centralized management for real-time rogue detection, policy enforcement, intrusion protection and health monitoring of the wireless LAN.

Jay Chaudhry, chairman and CEO of AirDefense said: “For more than a year, AirDefense has led the market with real-time, 24×7 monitoring of enterprise wireless LANs. Now with an entry-level solution from AirDefense, every enterprise can secure and support its wireless LANs without regard to the size of the network.”

The AirDefense Guard 1120 is priced at $9,995 and includes four remote sensors and a server appliance with a 1.8 Ghz Intel Xeon processor, 1 GB memory and 36 GB SCSI hard drive. The complete system provides a plug-and-play solution that includes all software, hardware, associated system software and database. The AirDefense Guard 1120 is part of the greater AirDefense product family that offers solutions that scale to serve wireless LANs that range from a few access points to networks with thousands of access points around the globe.

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