RSA Security Extends Identity and Access Management to Mainframe Environments

RSA ClearTrust software designed to protect and extend customers’ mainframe investments

BEDFORD, Mass., July 10, 2003 – RSA Security Inc. (NASDAQ: RSAS), the most trusted name in e-security®, today announced that it has added additional functionality into RSA ClearTrust® web access management software to help enterprises leverage and protect information stored in mainframe environments. Legacy data stored on mainframe systems creates a heterogenous environment that can be difficult to secure and manage efficiently. The new end-to-end mainframe solution delivered with RSA ClearTrust software is designed to allow customers to leverage and integrate their existing mainframe environments with an overall identity and access management solution, opening up secure access to a large quantity of data that had to be replicated or was inaccessible with past approaches.

RSA ClearTrust software, an integral part of a comprehensive identity and access management solution, is designed to be an easy-to-deploy, rules-based solution that centrally controls and manages user access privileges to web-based resources based on definable user attributes, business rules and security policies. RSA ClearTrust software is engineered to allow customers to manage online identities in order to provide seamless single-sign-on (SSO) to users accessing corporate portals, applications servers and other protected web resources. With this new support, this capability is now extended to the mainframe as well.

There are three elements to the mainframe support RSA ClearTrust software will offer:
* RSA ClearTrust Mainframe Data Adapter (MDA): The MDA is designed to allow RSA ClearTrust software to access user data stored in mainframe datastores, and then apply and enforce rules and policies based on this data centrally through RSA ClearTrust software. This approach is intended to allow organizations to access, manage and protect data directly without needing to create – and maintain – redundant data sources, protecting investments and helping to extend overall identity management processes to the mainframe.

* RSA ClearTrust Agent for IBM® HTTP Server on OS/390® Operating System: The mainframe agent is designed to allow direct access to web-based mainframe applications with single sign-on support. This is engineered to allow users to efficiently manage this access together with access to other non-mainframe web-based applications through a single process in RSA ClearTrust software, saving administrative time and money, and delivering end-user convenience through single sign-on.

* OpenConnect® WebConnect® Technology: This solution is designed to allow web-based users to connect to non-web-based applications through WebConnect terminal emulation technology with single sign-on support. This strategic partnership with OpenConnect, certified through the RSA Secured® Partner Program, can help deliver value to users by enabling the enforcement of high-levels of authentication for valued resources on host-based systems in one place through RSA ClearTrust authentication policy management.

“Enterprises face ongoing problems managing fragmented identity and security information in order to enable secure access by web users to business applications that may reside on any processing platform, including mainframes,” said Phil Schacter, VP and Service Director, Directory and Security Strategies, at Burton Group. “RSA Security’s announced solution appears to be an integrated approach to identity management that recognizes the continuing importance of mainframes as an information and application platform for the enterprise.”

“Enterprises have a lot of valuable information that is spread across the organization in business critical mainframe environments, and to replicate all of this, move it or not utilize it doesn’t make economic sense,” said Joe Uniejewski, senior vice president, Web Access Management division at RSA Security. “RSA Security is committed to providing a broad integration strategy to help our customers leverage current IT environments, providing a great value and a safe long-term investment option. This approach can help our users to easily leverage their existing identity information, folding it into their overall identity strategies effectively and efficiently.”

The RSA ClearTrust Mainframe Data Adapter will be available for RACF, CA-ACF2 and CA-TopSecret in Q3 2003, and for DB2 in Q4 2003. The RSA ClearTrust Agent for IBM HTTP Server on OS/390 operating system and OpenConnect WebConnect solution are available immediately. The three add-on products are individually priced and available to RSA ClearTrust software customers separately, allowing customers to purchase solutions specific to their individual needs. The OpenConnect WebConnect product is available directly through OpenConnect.

About the RSA Secured® Partner Program
The RSA Secured Partner Program is one of the oldest and largest alliance programs of its type, bringing more than ten years of experience and hundreds of complementary solutions together. The RSA SecurID®, RSA ClearTrust, and RSA Keon® Ready certification programs bring added assurance to customers that the solutions they are deploying are certified as interoperable with industry leading products, helping them achieve faster time to deployment and lower overall cost of ownership. The program reflects RSA Security’s commitment to providing standards-based interoperability and mutual vendor support to customers using RSA Security’s web access management, two-factor authentication, digital certificate management or encryption solutions.

About RSA Security Inc.
With more than 11,000 customers around the globe, RSA Security provides interoperable solutions for establishing online identities, access rights and privileges for people, applications and devices. Built to work seamlessly and transparently in complex environments, the company’s comprehensive portfolio of identity and access management solutions – including authentication, Web access management and developer solutions – is designed to allow customers to confidently exploit new technologies for competitive advantage. RSA Security’s strong reputation is built on its history of ingenuity and leadership, proven technologies and long-standing relationships with more than 1,000 technology partners. For more information, please visit

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