Who Changed Your Active Directory And Group Policy Settings?

Small Wonders Software’s Active Administrator, version 3.0 tells you Who, When and What changes were made.

Winter Park, Florida (July 14, 2003) – Small Wonders Software, a leading provider of administrative and security software for Windows NT/2000/XP networks, today announced availability of Active Administratorâ„?, version 3.0. This new version adds to its arsenal the ability to track, in real time, changes made to Active Directory and Group Policy. Active Administrator, version 3.0, expands on its exceptional Active Directory security features, logging exactly who made changes to Active Directory and notifying you via optional email alerts when any specific event is triggered. Furthermore, this latest version implemented new auditing features, informing you of Group Policy changes, including WHO changed it.

Active Directory and Group Policy are quickly becoming key components of a corporation’s network. Inappropriate changes in either can result in weaker security and odd behavior on the client’s desktop. Auditing these changes is necessary to the health of your enterprise and will aid in passing audits such as HIPPA and GLBA.

Active Administrator, version 3.0, audits and logs changes to users, groups, group memberships, Group Policies, computers, contacts, organizational units, and more. Be notified of any changes via an email or review/report all events which have been logged to a centralized MS SQL 2000 database. From this auditing, we can tell when a Group Policy is changed, and WHO changed it. When this trigger occurs, we create a new backup of the GPO and mark it as a new version. You can run reports on older versions and rollback if necessary. Active Administrator offers several features that GPMC (the MS tool) does not, such as:

· View and report delegated permissions across your domain.
· Search for permissions on Active Directory objects.
· Report on the number of each class of objects in Active Directory.
· Manage all users, groups and computers in Active Directory, regardless of OU location

Users interested in previewing Active Administrator may download a FREE 21-day trial version from the vendor’s web site at http://www.smallwonders.com, telephone to 407.647.4555 or email to sales@smallwonders.com.

Small Wonders Software, a privately held corporation founded in1993, is dedicated to providing innovative software solutions. Our goal is to ease and improve administration while increasing company efficiency and reducing costs. Small Wonders Software’s expert products, reputed for their superior performance, value and reliability offer solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. Security Explorer®, Secure Copyâ„?, Enterprise Security Reporterâ„?, Service Explorerâ„? and Active Administratorâ„? are distributed globally both directly from Small Wonders Software and through a network of distributors. Our products capture the trust of numerous companies including EDS, Intel, Deutsche Financial Services, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, IBM and Gateway; as well as many other Fortune 500 Companies. For more information, please visit Small Wonders Software’s website at www.smallwonders.com, email to info@smallwonders.com or telephone to 407-647-4555.

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