Ubizen Wins Major North American Managed Security Services Deal

– Ubizen OnlineGuardian to Manage and Monitor Security Devices for Leading Global Office Furniture Manufacturer –

Ubizen, the principal provider of Managed Security Solutions (MSS) for global businesses, has announced that global office furniture giant Steelcase has selected Ubizen as its Managed Security Solutions Provider. Under the contract, Ubizen OnlineGuardian services will manage and monitor firewalls for Steelcase.

The most critical aspect of deploying firewall technology is usually the investment in skill and knowledge to manage and monitor the devices. Firewalls provide a first line of defence against malicious-code attacks and other network intrusions, by screening all incoming and outgoing traffic and blocking traffic that does not meet the companies established security policies.

Firewalls produce an enormous amount of log data, which would be difficult, tedious and time consuming for most in-house security teams to manage. Outsourcing to Ubizen allows businesses to reduce costs, tighten security and free-up valuable talent to focus on their core businesses. “If a business is connected to the Internet, they need firewalls,” said Jason Wright, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “However, it’s not enough to simply install the devices. The firewalls deliver the maximum network protection when they are proactively managed and monitored against defined security policies.”

Ubizen OnlineGuardian services continually monitor security devices from one of three global Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Part of the management cycle involves collecting data from the security devices and sending it to Ubizen’s State and Event Analysis Machine (SEAM(tm)) in real time over encrypted lines. SEAM automates the analysis of all firewall devices. SEAM quickly correlates, aggregates and analyses million of security events and rapidly responds to only the ‘real’ security incidents.

About Ubizen
Ubizen(r) is the principal provider of Managed Security Solutions for global businesses. Companies rely on Ubizen OnlineGuardian(r) services to manage, monitor and support security devices 24x7x365. Ubizen’s Professional Services complement Ubizen OnlineGuardian managed services, by helping enterprises plan and implement security policies and infrastructures. Ubizen is also pioneering solutions for Application Security. For more information visit www.ubizen.com.

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