Panda Antivirus ASP Beta Version Announced

Panda Software offers all users the beta version of Panda Antivirus ASP. This new web-based solution against malicious code incorporates the most advanced antivirus technology to protect all computers in a company, including those not connected to a local network.

Within minutes, Panda Antivirus ASP provides antivirus protection for all workstations and servers across the organization, which offers equal or higher performance than traditional antiviruses but with lower administrator intervention, resulting in reduced maintenance costs. Installing Panda Antivirus ASP prevents the need for a dedicated antivirus administration server and does not use up valuable storage space, as all the processes are carried out in Panda Software’s servers.

The Panda Antivirus ASP web-based management systems allows administrators to monitor and manage the antivirus across the entire IT installation from any computer with an Internet connection.

Similarly, Panda Antivirus ASP allows IT installations in different offices to be managed from a single computer, ensuring that all the company’s computers are always protected, even if they are miles away.

Panda Antivirus ASP also offers other advantages over traditional antivirus programs, including:

– It ensures that computers without Internet access are protected, as it can be updated via LANs.
– Completely automatic, hands-off updates.
– Saves time for administrators.
– Easier management and installation.
– Optimized resource usage in the workstations protected, and reduced bandwidth usage.
– Customizable settings for each user.

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