WildPackets Announces GigaPeek NX Full-Duplex Analysis Solution

New Release Designed for High-Speed Capture and Analysis

Walnut Creek, California – August 5, 2003 WildPackets Inc., innovators in advancing network analysis technology, announced the imminent release of their new high speed Gigabit network analysis solution, GigaPeek NX. GigaPeek NX is a full-duplex hardware/software product designed specifically to extend EtherPeek’s analytical and troubleshooting capabilities to Gigabit Ethernet networks.

With the release of this solution, WildPackets is again demonstrating its commitment to bringing better information about more of the network to more people, while advancing the science of network analysis.

The GigaPeek NX solution combines WildPackets’ Network Expert technology; real-time troubleshooting on 10/100/1000 fiber and copper; high performance full-duplex analysis via in-line or port mirror; and a fully integrated Gigabit Analyzer Card (GAC). The GAC is hardware specifically designed to handle the traffic loads present on Gigabit networks. Before the software processes its first packet, the GAC merges both streams of the full duplex traffic based on the precision hardware timestamping. The card can also be configured to slice and filter packets at full duplex line rate speeds in order to focus the traffic stream and facilitate analysis of even the most demanding network.

“GigaPeek NX is another logical extension of the WildPackets product line, particularly given the company’s mission to extend real-time troubleshooting capabilities to every part of an enterprise network,” said Mike Jude, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates. “At a time when some of the larger players in the network analysis space seem to be adrift with respect to their development plans, WildPackets has a very clear road map, and their continuing market momentum validates their strategy.”

About GigaPeek NX
Designed specifically for fiber and copper gigabit analysis, GigaPeek NX provides in-depth analysis of latency and throughput, as well as over 90 application and network events found on Gigabit Ethernet segments. The Expert System in GigaPeek NX is intelligent technology with problem-finding heuristics based on analysis of conversations and packet streams; results are displayed in an intuitive fashion. As with all “Peek” products, GigaPeek NX has the ability to open multiple live capture windows simultaneously, each with their own adapter. It can capture concurrently from multiple NICs or GACs which allows, for example, the analysis of traffic on both sides of a router. The Expert technology in GigaPeek NX provides independent Expert and Peer Map analysis of all open capture windows. Whether the application is as ubiquitous as email or as complicated as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite, GigaPeek NX has the power to identify applications and troubleshoot their performance with its expert analysis and comprehensive decodes. On the Net: http://www.wildpackets.com/products/gigapeek_nx

About WildPackets Inc.
Since 1990, WildPackets has been developing affordable tools designed to simplify the complex tasks associated with monitoring and optimizing computer networks. Our products are sold in over 60 countries through a broad network of channel and strategic partners. Customers include Cisco Systems, Agilent, D-Link, EDS, Microsoft, Siemens AG, Unisys, Motorola, Deutsche Bank, and others. Strategic partners include Agere Systems, Atheros Communications, 3Com, Intel, Proxim, SysKonnect, Symbol Technologies, and Chevin. WildPackets is a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance and WLANA. Information on the company, products, and partners is available at www.wildpackets.com. ### All trademarks are property of their respective holders.

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