Internet Virus Advisory: Variations of Worm/Lovsan Discovered

Virus writers developing new variations of aggressive Internet worm

MEDINA, Ohio, Aug. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Central Command, a leading provider of PC anti-virus software and services, today warns Internet users of the discovery of new variants of the Worm/Lovsan Internet worm. The original Internet worm was discovered on August 11, 2003 and attempts to use the RPC Buffer Overrun vulnerability (a security hole) within un-patched Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Microsoft Windows server(TM) 2003 operating systems.

The Worm/Lovsan family of Internet worms uses a security vulnerability in Microsoft’s Windows Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) Remote Procedure Call (RPC) interface. This security breach allows someone with malicious intent to run code of his or her choice. It is recommended that all Internet users using Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Microsoft Windows server(TM) 2003 operating systems immediately patch there systems follow Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026 and virus scan there computers.

“The original author of Worm/Lovsan was successful at infecting hundred’s of thousands of computers worldwide. Unfortunately, history has proven that this type of success usually generates a litter of copycat creations,” said Steven Sundermeier, Vice President of Products and Services at Central Command, Inc. “Our Emergency Virus Response Team(TM) (EVRT(TM)) has kept a watchful eye and have spotted two such variations, initial analysis shows them to be direct clones of the original with only minor alterations in order to bypass detection.”

Information on Worm/Lovsan can be found at ( ). Vexira Antivirus starts at $34.95, and a free 30-day trial version may be downloaded from ( ) or obtained by contacting Central Command at +1-330-723-2062.

About Central Command: A leader in the anti-virus industry, Central Command, Inc., a privately held company, serves home PC users and industrial, financial, government, education, healthcare and service firms with virus protection software, services, and information. The company services customers in over 98 countries and is headquartered in Medina, Ohio. Visit Central Command online at ( ) or call 1-330-723-2062 for more information.

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