ZNQ3 Signs Reseller Agreement with TransCOR Information Technologies to Provide Communications Security Solution for Mobile Environments

New Product Greatly Simplifies Security Management for Panasonic Toughbooks

Manchester, New Hampshire – August 7, 2003 – ZNQ3â„?, Inc., a developer of remote access security solutions for internet-based data, video and voice communications, announced today a reseller agreement with TransCOR Information Technologies, of Georgetown, MA. TransCOR will offer Panasonic ruggedized Toughbooks with ZNQ3’s WinTalkerâ„? secure communications product that protects any data, video or voice traffic. The partnership between TransCOR and ZNQ3 makes available to customers a greatly simplified application for securing critical information versus more complicated and costly virtual private network (VPN) solutions.

ZNQ3 Inc. is an innovator in key agile encryption and authentication solutions for mobile computing environments. The key agile engine underlying the product works by constantly changing the encryption key. All communications are protected without passing keys or representations of the key material. ZNQ3’s solutions do not require the use of public key infrastructure or VPNs. ZNQ3 believes that good security results from following three precepts:

-Authenticate Everything¦Strong continuous non-repudiated authentication.
-Encrypt Everything¦Data, voice, and video, encrypt all communications.
-Secure Everything¦Protect the interior as much as you protect the perimeter.

ZNQ3’s products are the foundation for building a multi-layer security model that secures critical enterprise information from all threats, both external and internal.

“Emergency service agencies, public utilities, and transportation firms all need a simple, inexpensive solution for securing confidential information that is increasing in importance for operational efficiency each day,” said Tom Haywood, President of TransCOR. He added that “The need for constant coordination and sharing of live data, voice, and video feeds is unlimited. Securing the information available to mobile workers in real-time mode has become a must-have feature.”

ZNQ3’s WinTalkerâ„? is a one product seamless solution for securing all communications in a mobile environment. “What’s really nice about WinTalkerâ„? is that it protects the information transparently to the user while at the same time it keeps the bad guys from seeing the same stuff,” according to ZNQ3’s CEO Jeff Stutzman. Using law enforcement as an example, multiple applications are available to officers through wireless communications, including state vehicle and license registrations to the national crime databases maintained by the FBI. “If you can add the benefit of shared live video feeds, instant messaging, and real-time assistance from headquarters, via a mobile device, with all communications in a secure mode, then you will greatly increase the effectiveness of first responders in the field,” predicted Stutzman.

Joe Martin, Panasonic’s Senior Business Development Manager agreed with Stutzman and Haywood about the value of universal security for data, voice, and video communications in a networked, ruggedized environment. “We at Panasonic Computer Solutions have recognized the need to deliver industry-leading security solutions for customers working in a mobile environment.” When you combine a Panasonic Toughbook with a wireless network and ZNQ3’s WinTalkerâ„? embedded security you allow authenticated users to communicate in complete privacy for real-time checks of privacy information such as credit cards, asset identifiers, vehicle registrations, drivers’ licenses, and other data.

Ease of use, performance, and reliability are the keys to the success of this alliance. A Panasonic Toughbook protected with ZNQ3’s WinTalkerâ„? mobile security product offers significant advantages in terms of complete transparency to the end user, performance, and improved security over competing solutions.

About ZNQ3
ZNQ3, Inc. offers security solutions for mobile devices and wireless networks. The company’s comprehensive, universal, network-level security allows sensitive enterprise information to be fully protected anytime and anywhere. ZNQ3 enables organizations to easily and quickly achieve compliance with new information privacy requirements. Data, voice, and video communications are protected from theft, tampering or unauthorized viewing by external and internal attackers. ZNQ3 allows your communications to be protected wherever they go.

About TransCOR
TransCOR is the Northeast’s leading supplier, integrator and project manager of rugged mobile computing solutions and wireless gear for in-vehicle and field use-allowing productivity regardless of weather or operating conditions. TransCOR works with customers to solve their field computing challenges in hostile environments for the toughest industries including Public Safety and Homeland Security, Public Utilities, Construction and Engineering, Telecommunications and Transportation.

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