interMute Introduces SpySubtract to Detect and Destroy Spyware and Stop Spread of Blaster Worm to Consumer and Small Business PCs

New Internet Security Software Protects Thousands of Computers Worldwide

Braintree, Mass. — August 13, 2003 — interMute, Inc., developer of award winning AdSubtract Web-preference software, today announced SpySubtract, an easy to-use, powerful PC software solution that detects and safely removes spyware and security threats. Already, SpySubtract is protecting users from the malicious Blaster worm attacking Windows PCs. Known by a variety of names — including W32.Blaster, MSBlast and W32/Lovsan — the virus-like program, called a worm, first appeared on Monday. Thousands of PC users have downloaded SpySubtract for protection, at the rate of one download per minute.

interMute received advanced warning of the malicious Blaster worm because it infects a PC by using the same port as interMute’s AdSubtract product. When a PC is infected with the worm, it causes AdSubtract to report an error. interMute took immediate action to protect its users and also make SpySubtract available to the general public, to stop the worm from spreading.

“When we learned the worm was crashing our customer’s computers and spreading like wildfire, we quickly responded by providing SpySubtract to our user base to detect and destroy the worm,” said Ed English, CEO, interMute. “interMute is dedicated to providing simple, effective tools for Internet privacy and security. SpySubtract is the latest addition to interMute’s arsenal of powerful Web-preference solutions.”

By downloading SpySubtract – available for free at – users can halt the Blaster worm’s attack before damage is done. SpySubtract immediately detects and removes the worm, preventing possible PC harm and averting the spread to others. Microsoft disclosed the vulnerability and offered a protective software patch on its Web site to safeguard vulnerable computers. However, many users neglected to install Microsoft’s patch and already have the worm present on their computers.

Ongoing Protection
interMute’s SpySubtract software protects web users’ not only from the Blaster worm, but from all sorts of malicious spyware. Spyware is a major threat to privacy and security, affecting anyone who uses a computer. Such programs can monitor computer activities while gathering and transmitting your personal information. Some popular freeware and music programs quietly install spyware along with their software. interMute’s SpySubtract continuously monitors for such invasive software and alerts users when spyware is detected, allowing them to easily and quickly destroy it.

Pricing and Availability
Available now at, SpySubtract’s free version allows users to continually scan and remove spyware. For $29.95, users can upgrade to the PRO version, which provides spyware database updates to protect against newly discovered spyware and worms.

About interMute, Inc.
Founded in 1999, interMute, Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of Web-preference software. Based in Braintree, Massachusetts, interMute’s “Subtract’ line of Internet software is designed to make the web more productive, secure and private.

interMute’s products are distributed worldwide in partnership with leading manufacturers of personal computers and Internet connectivity devices. In North America, interMute’s products are available at major retail outlets and office superstores.

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