Ositis eShield Security Platform Protects Networks From Sobig.F with Antivirus and Antivulnerability Technology

PLEASANTON, Calif.–(NEWS WIRE) – –Aug. 22, 2003– – According to security experts, two years after the Code Red and Nimda worms introduced “Blended Threats” many companies and home Internet users still aren’t doing enough to secure themselves against viruses and worms that exploit multiple vulnerabilities while infecting computers using a variety of entry points and tactics. Even more worrisome for corporate networks is the risk that remote employees connecting to the corporate network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will infect the network because they do not have antivirus software enabled or properly updated.

Most VPN use is Extranet access by external person(s) requiring access to specific internal corporate resources. In order to allow employees, resellers, partners, contractors, etc., to gain access to certain systems in the corporate network, companies allow VPN access to the internal corporate network so these constituencies can work away from the office either at home or on the road.

Hackers and viruses infect users at home and then when these unsuspecting users connect through the VPN, they are infecting the network with malware. This VPN security flaw leaves corporate intranets open to blended threat attacks.

“That is exactly what has been happening to companies with the current Sobig epidemic,” said Vilis Ositis, CEO of Ositis Software, Inc. “Workers are getting infected at home by opening up a personal email and then they log into their corporate extranet and infect the whole corporate network.”

Thousands of companies and home Internet users were affected.
The latest blended threat dubbed Sobig.F and Ws32/Sobig.F has, according to published reports, forced 80 branches of the Nordea bank (Scandinavia’s largest bank) to close, Air Canada to delay and cancel flights while also impacting many other large organization such as Lockeed Martin and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Ositis Software eShield security platform prevented these attacks and virtually eliminates this potential breach in VPN security. eShield is a hardware appliance that includes an entire security suite of antivirus, web filtering and antispam. After the initial setup, the product requires no ongoing configuration (it’s automatically updated) yet is the most powerful security solution available for stopping viruses, malicious code, spam and objectionable Internet content at the gateway — before they can penetrate the network.

eShield Protects Automatically
“You don’t need to be worried about users getting patches and downloading the latest virus fixes before they connect to the network because eShield does that automatically. It can’t stop someone from getting the virus but it will stop viruses from entering or leaving your network and infecting the rest of the organization,” noted Ositis.

About Ositis Software, Inc.
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