Counterpane Internet Security Delivers Industry’s Most Comprehensive Managed Security Services

Network Security Services Leader Offers New Suite of Services Complemented by its Unmatched Security Monitoring Expertise

CUPERTINO, Calif., August 25, 2003 – Counterpane Internet Security, Inc., the leader in Network Security Services, today announced the delivery of its new Global Enterprise Protection Suite. This comprehensive suite of managed security services including Device Management, Managed Vulnerability Scanning, and Active Response leverage Counterpane’s industry leading Security Monitoring Service to create a single source for enterprise network security needs. The suite of services support all vendor technologies and capitalize on Counterpane’s unique knowledge derived from continuous and real time data gathering, constantly evolving methodologies, and renowned pool of security experts, backed by investments in technology development, automation, and research. Counterpane also announced that it will expand the expertise of its security experts and partners to provide Security Consulting to its clients.

“Counterpane’s expanded services further increase the value they provide to clients and help solidify its market leadership,” said David MacLeod, director of corporate security and CSO at Regence Group. “The combination of Device Management, Vulnerability Scanning and Active Response, along with Counterpane’s superior ability to detect genuine security threats amidst all the noise through its Managed Security Monitoring Service will give clients the best of all worlds: best in class service, a lower total cost of ownership, and most importantly, peace of mind.”

Counterpane’s Global Enterprise Protection Suite is layered upon its core Managed Security Monitoring service. Managed Security Monitoring ensures the optimal level of protection against suspicious activity, attacks, and security events across large, complex IT environments in real time by combining the expertise of its team with industry leading technology that supports over 300 data sources, and provides global visibility of clients in 32 countries. Counterpane’s Managed Monitoring Service is completely vendor neutral, allowing clients to leverage existing assets. In 2002, Counterpane detected over 237,000 global security events within its clients’ environments.

At the core of Counterpane’s Managed Security Monitoring are Sentry and Socrates, patented technologies developed by Counterpane. Sentry is a security appliance installed within a client’s network that collects, sorts, correlates, and analyzes data from devices on the network such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDSs), routers, servers and applications. This data is continually forwarded to Socrates, an analysis system distributed across the company’s two Secure Operations Centers. Socrates takes data from the Sentries, examines it for additional suspicious patterns, and correlates the information across Counterpane’s entire client base, as well as the company’s database of vendor and real time vulnerabilities and security threats. Socrates then alerts Counterpane’s security analysts of potential threats, who respond with the appropriate action.

The new services in the Global Enterprise Protection suite enhance and extend Counterpane’s core Managed Security Monitoring service:

Device Management: Device Management helps clients address the challenge of keeping current with constantly changing vendor and IT exploits. Device Management allows Counterpane to quickly make changes to client security devices based on events identified through the combination of Managed Security Monitoring and Managed Vulnerability Scanning services. As part of the combined suite of services, Counterpane integrates its best-in-class security and vendor vulnerability database called SecurityAI, with each client’s unique classification and prioritization of assets. This creates a truly customized and complete security solution that best meets the client’s unique environment. Counterpane’s Managed Security Monitoring service enhances each device’s overall security logic, and uses the Device Management interface to manage the health of client devices and adjust their configuration to provide the highest level of protection. Device Management supports all leading vendor security and network devices.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning: Managed Vulnerability Scanning inventories all known vendor and security vulnerabilities and tracks their ongoing potential risk impact within an enterprise. This complements and enhances the Security Monitoring service by cross-referencing the real-time monitoring data against a continuously up-to-date inventory of client assets and their current state of operation.

Active Response: Active Response is designed for clients unable to respond to high priority attacks when alerted by Counterpane, but reluctant to allow third party access to their internal infrastructure. Active Response allows clients to maintain complete control over their internal networks, while still allowing Counterpane to have external administrative rights to traffic coming from and going to outside connections. This enables intelligent control of traffic flow at levels that exceed the capabilities of firewalls. Active Response can also be placed internally to protect corporate intranets.

Security Consulting: Counterpane’s security experts have a unique understanding of rapidly changing technology, effective best practices, impact of vulnerabilities, and status of ever-changing security threats. Counterpane’s Security Consulting practice offers remote consultation, as well as onsite implementation and support. The professional services include four major practices: Assurance, Architecture, Implementation, and its Security Response Team. This enables optimized client configurations to increase defense effectiveness, improve detection capabilities, and create natural links between policy and operations by leveraging the consultant’s technical, hands-on experience including customizing filters for devices, operating systems, and unique applications.

“Counterpane has been an industry leading security services provider since the market’s inception,” said Jason Wright, security analyst at Frost and Sullivan. “The Counterpane team has earned the trust of its clients through diligent monitoring and a commitment to expertise and service excellence. Active Response, Managed Vulnerability Scanning, and Device Management services fully round out the company’s service offering to clients who have requested an expanded relationship with Counterpane.”

“With the delivery of our Global Enterprise Protection Suite of managed security services, we are providing clients with a single-source network security solution,” said Paul Stich, president and CEO of Counterpane. “Our approach surpasses in-house or competitive protection due to its foundation on the unique knowledge of our Security Monitoring Service. It transcends traditional security models by providing the most cost effective and complete protection for our clients’ security infrastructures.”

About Counterpane
Counterpane is the recognized leader in Network Security Services, providing clients a single source for complete network security and security consulting services. Only Counterpane guarantees protection of clients’ critical assets through a combination of the industry’s most comprehensive and proven monitoring technology, and the unmatched expertise of its security experts working around the clock and around the globe. Counterpane’s unique level of protection is based on real time and historical data from hundreds of networks spanning 32 countries, and further extended with Counterpane’s Global Enterprise Protection Suite of complementary managed security services including Managed Vulnerability Scanning, Device Management, Active Response and Security Consulting Services. Counterpane eliminates clients’ security worries so they can focus their attention on their business. The company is privately held and headquartered in Cupertino, CA.


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