SonicWALL Announces New High Performance, Low Cost Pro Series Platforms

New Version of SonicOS Adds Power and Flexibility to PRO 3060 and PRO 4060 Security Appliances

SUNNYVALE, CA – September 15, 2003 – SonicWALL, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNWL), a leading provider of integrated Internet security solutions, today introduced its new PRO series appliances, replete with high performance features and the newest version of SonicOS. Specifically designed for more complex, distributed networks, the PRO 3060 and PRO 4060 platforms deliver industry-leading performance and unprecedented value.

SonicOS 2.0 is the newest version of SonicWALL’s operating system and the foundation for the new, high-performance security products. Designed to enable the flexible and powerful features in the PRO 3060 and PRO 4060 required by demanding network environments, SonicOS 2.0 provides complete business continuity and flexibility.

SonicOS 2.0, rich with features such as WAN-WAN fail-over, ISP load balancing, and hardware fail-over, ensures continuous uptime for businesses with distributed networks. It offers the flexibility more sophisticated networks require, with policy and object-based management, flexible NAT, and flexible security zones. Featuring support for redundant VPN gateways, hardware accelerated AES, and granular VPN tunnel policy control, it brings new levels of interoperability, resilience, and flexibility to VPN deployments. With a new graphical user interface (GUI), SonicOS 2.0 is easy to configure, and can also be administered with SonicWALL’s award-winning Global Management System (GMS). SonicOS 2.0 powers the exceptional performance of the PRO series hardware and is part of a complete, integrated security and productivity solution, including SonicWALL’s Content Filtering and enforced Anti-Virus services.

“The SonicWALL PRO 4060 gives our company the higher performance levels we need at a fraction of the cost of other products we reviewed,” said Michael Relich, CIO of The Wet Seal, Inc. “The PRO 4060 can handle our complex retail networks while providing our already strained IT department with secure, remote management capabilities.”

“The launch of the PRO 3060 and PRO 4060 continues the revitalization of SonicWALL’s product lineup by delivering unprecedented performance and integrated services at a remarkable price,” said Douglas Brockett, SonicWALL vice president of worldwide marketing. “The new PRO products adhere to our philosophy of “value innovation’: we’re determined to offer superior features at the best possible price to companies demanding radical new levels of performance and value.”

A Simple Solution for the Complex Needs of Distributed Networks
The PRO 3060 and PRO 4060 appliances utilize six fully configurable Ethernet interfaces to provide firewall throughput of over 300 Mbps and VPN throughput up to 190 Mbps. Network administrators can add services from SonicWALL’s portfolio, such as enforced Anti-Virus and Content Filtering, to the new PRO products.

For companies requiring secure access for mobile users, the newest version of SonicWALL’s Global VPN Client comes bundled with every PRO 3060 and PRO 4060. Custom-developed by SonicWALL, the Global VPN Client 2.0 provides secure and easy network access for remote workers from any location, using any Internet connection, over any IP network environment.

PRO 3060 and PRO 4060 product highlights include:
– High Performance Firewall – 300+ Mbps throughput
– High Performance VPN – Up to 190 Mbps of AES and 3DES support
– Total Security Platform – For Supports SonicWALL’s suite of services, including Content Filtering and enforced Anti-Virus
– Rich Feature Set – Includes
— Policy-based management
— Support for Network, Service, User, and Schedule objects and groups
— Granular authentication for user-level control of network resources
— Flexible NAT and routing modes
– Complete Business Continuity – Ensures continuous uptime through WAN redundancy, hardware fail-over, load balancing, and advanced VPN resiliency features
– Rapid Deployment and Installation – Uses object-based management, allowing administrators to configure multiple security zones for more complex networks
– Comprehensive Remote Network Management – Empowers administrators to manage hundreds, even thousands of SonicWALL appliances and VPN connections from a single, remote location with SonicWALL’s award-winning Global Management System

Pricing and Availability
SonicWALL PRO series products will be generally available within 30 days through SonicWALL distribution channels, with list pricing starting at US$2,795. For more information, please visit the SonicWALL web site at

About SonicWALL, Inc.
SonicWALL, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated Internet security appliances offering access security, transaction security and security services for the enterprise, e-commerce, SMB, education, healthcare and government markets. Core technologies include firewall, VPN, SSL, high availability, anti-virus, and content filtering. Together, these products and technologies provide the most comprehensive Distributed Security Architecture available. SonicWALL, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. SonicWALL trades on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol SNWL. For more information, contact SonicWALL at +1.408.745.9600 or visit the company website at

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