eSoft USA, enters Indian Virtual Private Network (VPN) Market

eSoft Inc,USA, the leaders in the Internet Security Solutions, has forayed in to the Indian Market,and has entered in to VAR Partnership with Shreyan Infotech (P) Ltd, a Mumbai based IT Solutions company.

eSoft, the world’s leading Internet security solutions Company, offers a wide range of Virtual Private Network (VPN) ,Firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS), Firewall Policy Manager,etc for the demanding network security solutions.

eSoft’s innovative Security products ,which has a global presence ,and are sold in over 40 countries worldwide and are made available through the combination of value added resellers (VARs), value added distributors (VADs), and Internet service providers (ISPs).

The InstaGateâ„? VPN firewall appliance combines a stateful firewall with all the security tools and services you need to set up anti-virus protection, vulnerability scanning, Web site and content filtering, as well as a host of optional extensions. Everything runs on a single box—the InstaGateâ„? xSP Branch, the InstaGate xSP Business or the InstaGate PRO—and multiple boxes can be networked together to create a “secure IT perimeter” for your enterprise without necessitating a lot of equipment, training, staff support or in-house expertise

SoftPakâ„? applications are security and IT software modules that add functionality to your InstaGateâ„? appliance. Delivered via eSoft’s patent-pending SoftPak Directorâ„? technology, SoftPak applications transform the InstaGate VPN/firewall appliance into a comprehensive Internet security solution

Shreyan Infotech (P) Ltd, a leading IT Solutions & Software development company,would extend the partnership to promote eSoft’s variety of VPN & security solutions,providing sales,installation & Services , by combining Shreyan Infotech’s local market strengths with eSoft’s global expertise, foresee to capitalize the growing Indian Market for the VPN & Firewall solutions.

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