SSH Introduces a New Security Management Platform

HELSINKI, FINLAND; PALO ALTO, Calif.. and TOKYO – Oct, 1, 2003 – SSH Communications Security (HEX:SSH1V), a world-leading developer of managed security middleware, today announced SSH Tectia(TM) Manager, the first security management platform designed for the centralized deployment, configuration, and monitoring for managed security middleware in large enterprise environments. SSH Tectia Manager dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership for large environments, while enforcing consistency of security policy throughout the organization.

“IT managers have a tedious and time consuming burden of managing their security solutions,” said Tatu Yl?¶nen, CTO of SSH Communications Security Corp. “SSH Tectia Manager solves this issue by allowing IT managers to manage deployment, provide upgrades and monitor technical issues from a central location for their SSH environments. SSH Tectia Manager not only provides our customers with greater ease of use and lower overhead costs, but increases the level of security by reducing human error.”

Unlike other security solutions that require significant modification or costly hardware investments, SSH Tectia is based on the managed security middleware concept that does not require any re-engineering or modification to the supporting IT infrastructure or applications, allowing easily integration into heterogeneous, multi-platform IT environments.

Today, IT managers need to streamline processes as much as possible in order to compensate for lowered IT budgets. SSH Tectia Manager provides customers with added security, reduced reaction time and greater scalability for secure growth. Key features include:

– Centralized deployment and upgrades – Reduces the time and resources required for large deployments and maintenance.
Critical patches and updates are deployed effectively throughout the organization.
– Intelligent centralized configuration – Improves the consistency of security policy throughout the organization and reduces manual configuration errors.
– Reporting, statistics and monitoring capabilities – Enhances administrator visibility of the environment, enabling fast reactions to deviations and anomalies. Demands of security auditors can be met with comprehensive and concise reports on total environment status.
– Built-in database and robust management architecture – Provides a secure future growth path into large-scale enterprise environments. Role-based administrator access control and auditing adapt SSH Tectia Manager to customer’s IT organization and processes.

– Additional features include:

– Flexible host grouping with multiple views and hierarchies
– Centralized server host public key distribution
– SSH Secure Shell environment logging and monitoring
– Online status reporting on binary and configuration update success
– Encrypted and authenticated management connections
– Role-based administrator access management
– Administrator audit trail logging
– Host and configuration data stored in SQL database
– TLS protected Web management interface
Product Pricing and Availability SSH Tectia Manager will be available for first customer shipment later this month. Please contact an SSH sales representative for further details. Contact SSH sales at or contact SSH sales in Helsinki, Finland, at +358 20 500 7030, Palo Alto, Calif., USA, at +1 650 251 2700 or Tokyo, Japan at +81 3 3459 6830. About SSH Tectia SSH Tectia is an enterprise class suite of security solutions based on SSH’s industry leading technologies. SSH Tectia client/server solution is based on the award-winning SSH Secure Shell used by millions worldwide. SSH Tectia enables end-to-end secure communications throughout the internal and external network. SSH Tectia provides transparent strong encryption and authentication and easily integrates into heterogeneous, multi-platform environments. SSH Tectia’s management capabilities allow for easy scalability and centralized policy deployment. About SSH Tectia Manager SSH Tectia Manager is a centralized security management module ideal for large-scale deployments and seamless transparent security policy enforcement in real time throughout the SSH Tectia environment. Integrated auditing and monitoring features allow enterprises to effectively maintain SSH security solution environments. SSH Tectia Manager reduces total cost of ownership and accelerates return on investment by easing the burden on IT resources. About SSH Communications Security SSH Communications Security, a world-leading supplier of managed security middleware, offers a broad range of award-winning products designed to address the most critical security issues for businesses, financial institutions and governments worldwide. SSH Tectia(TM), based on the award-winning SSH Secure Shell, the standard for secure network communications and remote administration. SSH Tectia Certifier provides a robust certification authority for flexible and strong authentication through digital certificates and tokens. The market-leading, award-winning SSH IPSec family of toolkits for OEMs and software developers enables fast time-to-market and reduced in-house development costs. SSH is traded publicly on the Helsinki Exchanges under HEX:SSH1V. For more information, please visit

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