Pointsec for Symbian OS Latest Security Solution from Pointsec

Cambridge, 23 October 2003 – Pointsec Mobile Technologies, a subsidiary of IT security company Protect Data, and a global leader in enterprise security software for laptops, desktops, PDAs and smart phones, today released a new mobile security solution: Pointsec(r) for Symbian OS. The company already offers security solutions for Windows-based computers, Pocket PC and Palm OS. With Pointsec(r) for Symbian OS, Pointsec now offers protection for all leading mobile platforms.

As business becomes increasingly mobile, the risks associated with storing confidential information on mobile devices also increase. If your Symbian OS device is stolen or lost, the information is normally fully accessible. Pointsec(r) for Symbian OS is an encryption application for stored information that provides the strongest available protection for Symbian OS devices.

Using on-the fly, user-transparent encryption, Pointsec for Symbian OS automatically encrypts all files before they are stored on a device and automatically decrypts the files again when they are opened, without any need for user intervention.

Pointsec for Symbian OS protects all of your information, including graphics, SMS and e-mail messages, Word and Adobe Acrobat documents as well as PowerPoint presentations. It also protects information stored on memory cards.

Pointsec Mobile Technologies has been developing advanced IT security solutions for 15 years. The company has earned important security certifications, including FIPS 140-1, considered one of the leading IT security standards. Pointsec has received much acclaim for its exclusive, patent-pending PicturePIN(tm) and QuickPIN(tm) authentication, which replace traditional alphanumeric login passwords with easy to remember, picture-based login codes.

Secure enterprise solutions for an increasingly mobile workforce have helped Pointsec build a strong and thriving client base amongst many of the world’s largest corporations including the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, WM-data, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Cisco, Telia and Ericsson.

Pointsec for Symbian OS will be available during December, 2003. The first version will include support for Sony Ericsson P800/P900 and Nokia 9200 Communicator series.

Pointsec Mobile Technologies AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Protect Data AB. The company develops and markets access-controlling and encrypting systems for stationary and portable computers, palmtop computers, WAP telephones, etc. Pointsec Mobile Technologies has 47 employees and offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC in the USA, Cambridge in the United Kingdom, D?orf in Germany and Stockholm, Falun and Sundsvall in Sweden. Visit our web site at: www.pointsec.com.

The Protect Data Group offers tailor-made IT security solutions to large companies and organizations. The company focuses on four business areas: digital identities and resource security, network security, anti-virus and content security, and consultancy services for information security. Within these areas, the company offers comprehensive IT security solutions based on aspects such as access control and encryption systems, anti-virus systems, digital sentry services, firewalls, user identification and content control, secure VPN and PKI solutions, digital signatures and systems for secure transactions. Protect Data is the market leader in its business area in the Nordic region and has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA. Protect Data has approximately 100 employees and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Visit our web site at: www.protectdata.com.


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