SmartLine Inc Has Released DeviceLock Version 5.51

Standard access control solutions coming with Windows operating systems do not allow the assignment of permissions for USB and FireWire ports as well as for WiFi and Bluetooth adapters. Anyone can bring and plug a tiny device and download hundreds of megabytes of proprietary information. You do not have to be an administrator to use one of these devices, and you can not manage WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and FireWire devices via Group Policy.

You can’t manage WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and FireWire using Group Policy but you can control end-user access to these devices with DeviceLock!

What’s New in DeviceLock 5.51 (versus 5.5):

– DeviceLock now allows you to set permissions for WiFi (802.11) and Bluetooth adapters.
– Added the Security Settings dialog, where you can define additional security parameters for USB and FireWire ports.
– Setup protects DeviceLock Service by allowing only members of the Administrators group or the SYSTEM account to stop or delete the service.
– Changes in the interface.
– Changes in the user manual and in the help-file.
– An Italian version of the user manual is available for download.

More information at:
Download DeviceLock from:

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