Demarc Does It Again with Sentarus Hardware Offering

[Santa Barbara, CA (October 30, 2003)] Demarc Security, a global provider of network security solutions, today announced the release of Sentarus, the much-anticipated new enterprise security hardware product developed with extensive input from current PureSecure TIDS customers over a twelve-month cycle of focused product innovation.

Sentarus represents a turnkey solution and leading edge hardware based security information management appliance. Sentarus enables companies to centrally detect network intrusion attacks, prevent future attacks, and maintain their network’s overall stability. Sentarus combines unrivaled performance and unsurpassed capabilities with an intuitive and customer-centric interface.

Sentarus is Demarc’s flagship professional security solution featuring advanced network intrusion detection, host intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, application/process/service monitoring, application/process regeneration, log monitoring, vulnerability assessment and report generation.

Sentarus will extend our already sophisticated, customer-driven technology solutions , states Brendan Rizzo, CEO of Demarc, and will allow our customers to emerge out of their current network intrusion confusions.

In addition to attracting new customers, the company’s strong track record of delivering major procurement-related cost reductions has helped expand relationships with several existing customers, including NASA, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, the New York-Presbyterian Hospitals of Columbia and Cornell, and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

Sentarus is available now. For further information, please visit or write to

About Demarc Security:
Demarc is a global leader in developing performance driven, comprehensive security solutions that are used worldwide by Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, government agencies, and nonprofit enterprises. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, Demarc develops hybrid intrusion prevention/detection (IDS/IDP) software and hardware solutions, including its Sentarus and PureSecure products, which allow an enterprise to prevent and detect attacks against networks and application servers, while insuring the integrity and availability of mission critical services.

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