Swivel PINsafe M2F V2.1, Mobile, Two-Factor Authentication, European Debut at RSA Europe 2003

Amsterdam, 2nd November 2003, Today at Europe’s leading forum for the IT security sector, Swivel Technologies’, two-factor, authentication solution, PINsafe M2F v2.1 is being given its European debut. Using SMS or Java based mobile technology PINsafe M2F provides a cost effective, tokenless system to enable secure login to Web applications and corporate networks without compromising the user ID.

PINsafe M2F v2.1 includes a range of additional features designed to increase enterprise configuration options, setup and PIN administration. New functionality includes the ability to define the PIN digit length plus enhanced encryption protection for PINs stored using the custom database option. Other new features include improved license key activation procedures designed to assist distribution of the product through the Swivel channel partner network.

Swivel PINsafe M2F is a strong two factor system, which uses a randomly generated security string delivered from the Swivel server to a mobile device and a user PIN to generate a one-time access code (OTC). The OTC is then entered via a Web browser or SSL VPN interface to authenticate the user. The disconnect between the delivery channels of the security string and the return of the OTC ensures that it is virtually impossible to monitor the two factors of the authentication credential at the same time. In addition, because the PIN is never entered at a keyboard it is immune from Trojan sniffer spyware making the whole system highly resistant to identity theft attack.

Uniquely, PINsafe users always have between one and twenty five active security strings available on their mobile device in advance of any authentication event depending on whether they are using the SMS or J2ME option. This means that the system can be used regardless of the availability of a mobile network service at the point of access, an important requirement for the international business traveler. In addition the system includes a range of enterprise definable, browser only interfaces to enable secure login even if the mobile device is non-operational or not present. Designed to ensure that the PIN is never entered at a vulnerable key board or sent across an open network, the Swivel browser interfaces can be confidently used on any terminal with Internet access, including Internet cafes and kiosks, to access corporate networks or Web services.

PINsafe M2F uses lightweight server software including a range of standard APIs that can be configured and installed in a just a few hours on existing server hardware or supplied as a preconfigured, locked down Network Appliance that can be quickly integrated with most common backend systems. With no special client software or hardware requirements it represents a highly cost effective and secure solution for the full range of online authentication applications for business as well as mass market consumer environments.

Visitors to the Swivel Stand (31) will have the opportunity to see the product in action using the company’s Web site where it is deployed as the authentication technology to enable login to the Partner Resource Centre. For non-authorized users there is a Demo User option through which anyone can register their mobile phone and email address to obtain a temporary user ID.

For more Information contact Stephen Meredith at Swivel on +44 (0)1423 863541 or Dan Bleakman at Bite Communications on +44 (0) 208 741 123

About Swivel
Swivel is a UK based software development company specializing in secure authentication technology. Established in 2001 the company has a global distribution network covering Europe, North America, China and Australasia. For more information please visit www.swivelsecure.com

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