TFS Technology Show Implementation of RSA SecurID Token on the Workstation to Increase Security for Windows and Network Applications

Amsterdam – November 3, 2003 – TFS Technology, an international award-winning provider of infrastructure enhancement and security solutions, show today at the RSA Conference 2003 in Amsterdam, the implementation of RSA SecurID Tokens with TFS Technology’s solution TFS WorkstationControl.

With TFS WorkstationControl organizations can enhance their existing security infrastructure based on RSA SecurID. Customers can adopt strong authentication for both remote access and when direct connected to their network. When “offline” the end-user still can use their workstation and will immediately be prompted for strong authentication using the RSA SecurID Token, when connected again (remote or direct access to the network).

“TFS has continually proven over the years to provide innovative, industry-leading solutions”, says Krister Fransson, CEO TFS Technology Inc. “Many large organizations have invested in the RSA SecurID infrastructure for strong authentication of users. Now these organizations can extend their use with central and easy administration of user credentials using TFS WorkstationControl.”

The use of TFS WorkstationControl together with the RSA SecurID Token also gives users Single Sign-On with strong authentication, to all Windows and network applications.

TFS Credential Store

The user must have a means of storing and accessing his or her user certificates. The Credential Store provides this service. The Credential Store is either a Smart Card (physical device the user keeps in his or her possession), or Virtual Card (an encrypted software file), or an Extended Smart Card (in which a limited capacity Smart Card is used to lock a Virtual Card).

The Credential Store stores the elements necessary for enabling users to log on to TFS WorkstationControl and use its security features. Credential Stores store both public and private security information, including:

· RSA key pairs and x.509 v3 certificates
· The users primary network operating system logon information (either Windows or NetWare)
· The users symmetric file encryption key
· Secure storage space

All users must possess a Credential Store to authenticate to the TFS WorkstationControl system. Depending how the system is configured, users with Virtual Cards can authenticate to the system using their Virtual Cards in conjunction with one of the following:

· RSA SecurID Token
· Smart Card
· USB Token
· Password

TFS WorkstationControl summary:

· Centralized control and administration of user access and credentials
· Secure Single Sign-On
· A single point of storage for digital credentials, accessible by multiple applications
· Multiple key support facilitates non repudiation
· Transparent file encryption protects sensitive information
· Interoperable with multiple standard-based certificate authorities
· Easy-to-use Credential Manager utility accelerates the deployment of Virtual Smart Cards and group level access control
· Audit logging
· Centralized Policy Management

About TFS Technology

TFS Technology is an international award-winning provider of solutions that simplify usage and administration of existing infrastructure, while providing vital security for today’s successful businesses. With solutions adopted in more than 10,000 organizations spanning 30 countries, TFS Technology leads the world in providing value-added products and services to the customer. For more information, visit TFS Technology online at

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