Panda EnterpriSecure Antivirus: Unrivalled Protection For E-Mail Systems

The range of solutions offered by Panda Software protects virtually all e-mail systems with the most advanced antivirus technology

Panda Software, aware of the need to offer tailor-made antivirus protection for all mail servers, is launching the EnterpriSecure solution to provide comprehensive defense for the main business messaging systems most commonly used throughout the world.

Protection begins with the defense system for Microsoft Exchange Server. This widely-used platform will be protected by systems which include ExchangeSecure. This solution protects Exchange systems from version 5.5 to the latest Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Not only does it provide a complete content filtering system, but it also means that Exchange e-mail clients are defended against malicious code using the latest antivirus technologies, such as Panda Software’s exclusive AutoTuning, which analyses the performance of the server and never adversely affects the flow of messages in the server when a scan has been launched by the network administrator.

IBM’s product for messaging and workgroups in business environments, Lotus Domino, is protected by Panda Software’s DominoSecure solution. This module of EnterpriSecure was developed specifically for Notes/Domino servers, and therefore offers complete integration. Extension Manager technology, as recommended by IBM themselves, was used from the start of the development process and this integrates the antivirus software with Domino as if it was simply an additional native component of the solution. This ensures far higher levels of performance and effectiveness than provided by other, obsolete technologies on the market.

For Linux, Panda Software provides the most demanding administrators with antivirus solutions for the most widespread platforms in the world of free software: SendmailSecure, QmailSecure and PostfixSecure. These ensure that mail gateways with SendMail, Qmail or Postfix installed will enjoy the advantages offered by Panda’s virus detection and disinfection engines, without detracting from the proven effectiveness of these packages when it comes to handling e-mail.

Finally, in order to protect the widest possible range of mail solutions, Panda Software has provided MIMEsweeperSecure which, when integrated with the MIMEsweeper email filtering system, adds the capacity to eliminate viruses from e-mails in a way which is straightforward for administrators, effective for users, and lightweight for the servers on which it works.

All the e-mail protection solutions described above are included in EnterpriSecure. And Panda Software also offers a version of BusinesSecure – aimed at systems with lower installation requirements – with the ExchangeSecure module included in the solution. This ensures that administrators of medium-sized networks can also be confident that Microsoft e-mail is protected.

Prices and availability

Panda EnterpriSecure Antivirus can be bought in license ranges from €87.95 each (from 10 to 25 licenses with one year’s services). Special prices are available for other license ranges for both products, and for competitive upgrade offers. For more details, contact your usual distributor.

Panda EnterpriSecure Antivirus can be bought worldwide in sales outlets and will be available from Panda Software’s website ()

About Panda Software
Panda Software ( is a leading international developer of software to protect against viruses and other IT threats for all types of users, from the largest corporations through small and medium-sized companies to home users. The revolutionary technology that drives its products has received awards and quality certifications from the industry’s most widely respected organizations. The company’s mission is to ensure its clients’ IT infrastructure remains free from the damage caused by computer viruses and other threats. The quality of its solutions, its commitment to customer service and its pioneering concept of 24h-365d protection have revolutionized the IT security industry. Panda Software’s products have been endorsed by the leading quality watchdogs in the sector including ICSA Labs and Checkmark.

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