Trend Micro GateLock 3000 and GateLock 5000 Remote Appliances Secure Remote and Home Offices

Cupertino, California – November 10, 2003 – Trend Micro, Inc. (TSE: 4707, NASDAQ: TMIC), a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services, today announced the new Trend Micro(tm) GateLock(tm) 3000 and GateLock(tm) 5000 Remote Appliances. Each device includes Trend Micro’s antivirus technology coupled with firewall and virtual private networking (VPN) technologies from NetScreen Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: NSCN) to provide integrated best-of-breed corporate security in easy-to-manage security appliances ideally suited for enterprise remote and home office locations.

The Trend Micro GateLock Remote Appliances allow IT managers to easily deploy and manage antivirus, firewall, and VPN security for remote office locations and individuals. With these appliances, antivirus updates are maintained only by centralized IT administrators, so employees are not burdened with maintaining software to stay current on virus protection, and organizations can be assured that established security policies are consistently followed.

The introduction of these integrated appliances is the direct result of NetScreen and Trend Micro’s expanded relationship (see related press release issued May 21, 2003: “NetScreen and Trend Micro to Drive Tighter Integration of Network Security Solutions”).

“The timely introduction of these integrated appliances demonstrates the strength of the NetScreen-Trend Micro alliance,” commented Robert Thomas, president and CEO of NetScreen Technologies, Inc. “More importantly, customers can now benefit from the best-of-breed functionality for which each company is known, delivered in easy-to-use, cost-effective appliances designed to address a myriad of network security threats seen in today’s distributed enterprise networks.”

Advances in communications and portability have increased individuals’ ability to work from home, or from remote offices shared with a few other employees, with the same level of productivity and connectivity to customers and co-workers in a traditional office environment. Yet these remote sites and home offices can also become vulnerability points through which viruses and malicious code could enter the network, or serve as connection points to untrusted sites and back doors for hackers. Enterprise IT managers face the additional challenge of coordinating protection for remote employees based on the same policies for on-site employees, and face additional cost of accessing and supporting client sites individually.

Through the GateLock Remote Appliances, client sites can be easily secured and policies configured to help ensure remote sites comply with the corporate security strategy. In the event of a new threat, outbreak prevention policies can be deployed to the GateLock Remote Appliance from Trend Micro OfficeScan(tm) Corporate Edition connected to the Trend Micro Control Manager(tm) centralized management console. GateLock 3000 and GateLock 5000 models support up to 10 users sharing the same Internet access point, which helps reduce support costs. An appliance-based approach simplifies deployment, management and maintenance which can further reduce operating costs.

“GateLock Remote Appliances are an extension of Trend Micro’s gateway technology, and our Enterprise Protection Strategy,” said Eva Chen, Chief Technology Officer at Trend Micro, Inc. “By merging our antivirus capabilities with NetScreen’s network security appliances, we can easily apply the same concepts of centralized control and policy management to the clients on the other side of the physical network perimeter.”

Trend Micro GateLock 5000 (for up to 10 users, priced at $645) and GateLock 3000 (up to 5 users, priced at $395) will be available in Q4 2003. For information on purchasing GateLock 5000 or GateLock 3000, contact an authorized Trend Micro reseller.

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