Lightsource Technologies To Deliver Sigaba Secure Email and Sigaba Secure Instant Messaging Security Solutions to Australian Businesses

San Mateo, California—December 15, 2003—Secure Data in Motionâ„?, dba Sigaba®, the leading provider of secure message management solutions, today announced that Lightsource Technologies has been appointed as its Premium Partner in the Asia Pacific marketplace.

Robert Cook, CEO, Sigaba, said: “Lightsource is a company firmly focused on delivering services with strong security built-in. In recognition of the company’s investment in providing optimal customer service and support for the Sigaba secure messaging suite, and its commitment to quality of service, we are delighted to appointment Lightsource as our Asia Pacific Premium Partner.”

Lightsource provides the Sigaba secure messaging suite as a managed service through its LightsourceNET Data Centre. It is the only Sigaba application service provider (ASP) in Asia Pacific. As such, the company is in the unique position of quickly delivering secure messaging solutions, and pilot or trial programs, which can be either fully outsourced or fully licensed to organizations of any size.

“We believe Sigaba is the most significant single advance in the secure commercial communications market,” said Vic Beacham, general manager, Lightsource. “Organizations now have the ability to harness the ubiquity of email to derive great benefits from its cost effectiveness and reach, with the complete assurance of security and privacy. Organizations that embrace a global email infrastructure will enjoy the immediacy of business communications, better and more fruitful customer relations and service, and a compelling return on e-presentment investments. This can now be actualized because Sigaba has stripped away the three major reasons for customer rejection to electronic communications heretofore: (1) auditable confidentiality, (2) ease of use, and (3) zero requirements for clients to install or maintain anything.”

ABOUT Lightsource Technologies
Headquartered in Canberra the Australian Capital, Lightsource was founded in 1996 to market the then emerging Fibre Channel and High Speed Wide Area Network Technologies. Lightsource has built an enviable client base that includes Australian Federal and State Government Agencies along with private and public companies ranging from small to medium business through to large corporate and multinationals. Over the last five years Lightsource has successfully developed specialist skills in IT and communications security technologies. Its success can be measured by the volume of high profile security and infrastructure deployments in which it has been involved.

Secure Data in Motion Inc., dba Sigaba, is the leading provider of secure message management solutions, including e-mail, instant messaging and document delivery, for the enterprise market. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, the company was recently named by SC Magazine and CIO Magazine as the “Company to Watch.” Sigaba Secure E-mail, Sigaba Secure Statements and Sigaba Secure Instant Messaging are the most flexible, easy-to-use solutions for securing all corporate, financial services, healthcare and government communications over the Internet and wireless networks. The company’s Liberty-enabled and SAML-compliant standards-based solutions support next generation messaging; secure messages can be sent to virtually anyone, anywhere, without requiring users to download special software. Sigaba (sï-g??-ba) takes its name from the SIGABA encryption machine, used by the U.S. during and after World War II. It was the only device of its kind that was never compromised by the enemy. Additional information about Sigaba can be found at or by calling 1-800-475-8226.

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