New Alcatel Enterprise Network Management Applications Save Network Administration Time and Ensure Secure Management

Calabasas, Calif., Jan 14, 2003 – Alcatel (NYSE: ALA) today announced more OneTouch capabilities to its OmniVista enterprise data network management solution that let network administrators configure and troubleshoot the network with the click of a button. Coupled with a superior Alcatel Operating System (AOS) manageability proposition, these new capabilities drastically reduce the time network administrators spend on repetitive actions while protecting the network from unintentional human errors and malicious hacker attacks.

A unique network operating system that brings true consistency across the entire campus network, AOS is the industry’s first real alternative to managing multiple products with multiple versions of multiple operating systems. This single “unified” networking operating system guarantees true consistency across the network – allowing Alcatel to build OneTouch capabilities for the network administrator and to extend a lower total cost of ownership to enterprises searching for solutions that deliver business value.

Offering administrators a powerful framework to implement network management processes and best practices, Resource Manager provides the unmatched ability to install, configure and upgrade the entire data network centrally with the click of a button. It allows administrators to build centralised network documentation automatically – a critical step often overlooked due to its traditional complexity. In addition, Resource Manager change control capabilities make it easy to undo accidental misconfigurations or cope with catastrophic hardware failures through swift configuration of a replacement switch.

Further demonstrating its commitment to best practices in data network/security management and simplifying processes, Alcatel is also proud to announce the availability of Secure Access. This new OneTouch application allows network officials to centrally assign and enforce privileges to specific administrators and provides quick implementation of differentiated authenticated network access. Network officials simply point specific users or groups to a function and the switch authenticates against defined information stored in a central LDAP repository. Secure Access supports what Alcatel’s CrystalSec enterprise security framework terms “security to the switch” and protects against misconfigurations or backdoor configurations – security issues that occur when undesignated or unauthorised personnel attempt to alter network configurations.

Alcatel is also introducing Trap Responder and Locator – advanced monitoring and troubleshooting tools within Alcatel’s OmniVista data network management solution. These tools help enterprises use administration time more efficiently as they address new challenges brought on by increased mobility, threat of attack, and fewer network administrator resources.

OmniVista Trap Responder gives network administrators the ability to create automatic actions when traps occur and supports a proactive approach toward resolving data network management issues. These actions can vary upon the severity of the trap, ranging from something as simple as sending an email to a pre-defined user to a more complex action such as running an externally defined script. For smaller organisations or enterprises supporting the network with fewer resources, Alcatel’s Trap Responder provides business value because it allows monitoring of the network and resolution – even if the network administrator is away from the console and attending to other issues.

OmniVista Locator quickly solves an issue brought on by increased mobility in the enterprise – finding a user’s physical connection to the data switch. With individuals roaming the campus, issues can potentially occur anywhere on the network and finding the user can therefore be difficult and time consuming. Locator greatly simplifies this task.

OmniVista Locator is a powerful security enabler as well. In combination with OmniVista virus detection capabilities, Locator makes it possible to immediately pinpoint and isolate users affected with a virus. This capability not only supports requirements for non-stop business operation, but it also protects enterprises from the resource drain that can occur if viruses are not dealt with promptly.

Recognising that most networks are multi-vendor, Alcatel is also introducing significant enhancements to its OmniVista data network management solution to enable third-party support of networking, security and wireless LAN solutions.

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