Cyberguard’s Snapgear Launches Embedded Firewall Network Card For Distributed Security Control

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (January 20, 2004) – CyberGuard Corporation (NASDAQ: CGFW), the technology leader in network security, today announced general availability of the SnapGear by CyberGuard PCI635, an embedded firewall network card that fits into standard peripheral slots in PC desktops and servers. The new card enables workgroups to easily deploy advanced network security functions, such as VPN (virtual private network), firewall and intrusion detection, that protect individual servers and desktops from internal and external threats.

CyberGuard’s SnapGear PCI635 brings centrally-managed hardware security to the individual user by embedding firewalls inside local desktops and servers, said Sanjay Iyer, senior analyst at The Linley Group. A distributed, hardware-based firewall complements perimeter firewalls, providing the best protection against attacks from within the enterprise and an excellent means to contain the spread of worms. The distributed security approach is going to become a required component of defense-in-depth practice for enterprises in an increasingly insecure world.

The SnapGear by CyberGuard hardware-based distributed security approach puts a PCI635 firewall and intrusion detection system as close as possible to every host system that requires protection, eliminating the possibility of internal attack from behind the firewall. The PCI635 can be configured to prevent desktop users from tampering with security settings, further reducing the threat of security breaches from people on the internal network. Because this is a NIC-based firewall/VPN/IDS device that is independent of the host, the PCI635 makes the desktop system highly immune to Windows vulnerability exploits. This is critically important, since software-based security solutions can be rendered useless if the OS is exploited, compromising the computer and potentially the internal network.

?It?s no longer enough to set up a firewall at the front of the network and trust everyone behind the firewall, said Gregg Rosenberg, CEO of RICIS, a SnapGear by CyberGuard distributor. Considering that the majority of real-world security problems my customers encounter occur on internal networks, having the PCI635 limit what users can do across the corporate network through an embedded firewall on every server and desktop is as good as it gets. We have many customers using SnapGear firewalls to even sub-divide internal networks.

Core features in all of SnapGear by CyberGuard VPN/firewall products include:

* IPsec (Internet protocol security) and PPTP (point-to-point tunnelingprotocol) VPN with dynamic stateful firewall based on SnapGear EmbeddedLinux, a secure Linux distribution embedded in more than 20 million devices;and

* Web-based configuration, management and monitoring GUI.

Unique new features of the SnapGear by CyberGuard PCI635:

* An intrusion detection system (IDS) based on Snort? that increasessecurity by identifying known security attacks;

* A slot-in card design, which places the firewall inside the computer tobe protected, eliminating internal security threats from attacks behind thefirewall;

* Support for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, and Linux.

?With the complexity of todays enterprise networks, people need a distributed security strategy, said Mike Wittig, president and CTO of CyberGuard. IT managers can cost-effectively secure their networks using the PCI635 to protect individual servers and desktops from internal attacks and the CyberGuard KS and SL premium firewall/VPN appliances to secure the network from external attacks.

Individual PCI635 firewall network cards can be integrated into CyberGuard’s SnapGear Central Management System (CMS) for single-point graphical monitoring, configuration and simultaneous updating of hundreds of firewalls across a local or distributed network.

Pricing and Availability
The SnapGear by CyberGuard PCI635 embedded firewall network card is immediately available worldwide at US$399.

About CyberGuard Corporation
CyberGuard Corporation (NASDAQ: CGFW), the technology leader in network security, provides advanced intrusion prevention solutions that protect the critical information assets of Global 2000 companies and governments worldwide. CyberGuard offers a broad line of scalable high performance firewall/VPN appliances, sophisticated security processors and accelerator products for the SSL and IPsec markets, and industry-leading embedded Linux and Linux security solutions. Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, thecompany has branch offices and training centers around the world. More information about CyberGuard Corporation can be found at

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