iS3 Launches Weblog, “OnSecurity,” And Presents At Upcoming Security Venture Fair

San Jose, Calif., January 20, 2004 — iS3 Inc. (i-s-cubed), a provider of secure key management solutions for network connected devices, today announced the launch of a new weblog focusing on the current and upcoming trends and challenges of security in financial services, the retail industry, and in the enterprise. In addition, iS3’s CEO, Joerg Ferchau, will present the company’s vision and address upcoming mandates and looming security threats at the Security Venture Fair, taking place January 21-23 at the Wyndham in San Jose, Calif. With these two activities, iS3 further establishes its thought leadership in the field of security management.

The iS3 corporate blog, “OnSecurity,” is located at, and will address the kinds of questions and rapidly evolving security situations iS3’s customers are facing. It will be a forum for the discussion of the implementation challenges of 3DES and remote key management, and will feature company news, celebrate the company’s milestones, and list upcoming events. A variety of people from iS3 will post their thoughts on topics related to the company’s vision, technology, trends, marketing and current affairs. The first posts include security-related predictions for 2004 from Mr. Ferchau and can be found at html.

“We are embracing this new technology as a way to create closer connections with our customers, our investors, analysts and media who are following iS3, as well as anyone who may be interested in security, with a focus, currently, on the financial services industry,” explained Ferchau.

The Security Venture Fair at which Mr. Ferchau will speak this week will bring together leading enterprise security-related technology and service companies, researchers from top universities and the corporate world, venture capitalists and investors to explore the significant business opportunities in today’s enterprise security sector. For more information about this event, visit To obtain a copy of Mr. Ferchau’s presentation, contact Jennifer McClure of A.M.P. Communications at (510) 796-1475 or


iS3, Inc. provides secure key management solutions for network-connected devices in the global financial industry and for large enterprises. Recognizing the complexity and expense of security for today’s fleets of devices, iS3 has developed solutions that solve this problem, removing primitive manual practices through automating and streamlining secure key management processes. It then adds centralized control in order to reduce cost of operations, enhance overall organizational security, and provide regulatory compliance. Professional services for 3DES migration, security assessments, and architecture are also available. More information about iS3 can be found on the web at

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