Incidents Caused By The Bagle.A Worm Drop Off

According to data collected by Panda Software’s international technical support network, the incidents caused by the mass-mailing worm Bagle.A are declining.

Bagle.A got off to a strong start, allowing it to spread around the globe in a matter of hours. In fact, hundreds of thousands of messages carrying this virus have been blocked. In one company, in less than 24 hours, nearly 100,000 e-mails carrying Bagle.A were blocked as they tried to get into the network.

However, as users have learned about the characteristics of Bagle.A and have updated their antivirus solutions, the number of infected messages in circulation has significantly decreased. Therefore, virus activity has returned to normal levels.

In order to prevent Bagle.A activity from increasing again, and to prevent any other virus that could appear from causing an epidemic, Panda Software advises users to keep their antivirus updated. The company’s products can automatically update themselves every day. However, those whose software is not configured to update automatically can update their solutions manually from the following address –

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