Meetinghouse Announces AEGIS Client 2.2 and AEGIS Client 2.0 for Pocket PC

PORTSMOUTH, NH, January 28, 2004 — Meetinghouse, Inc., a leading developer of standards-based network authentication software for wired and wireless local-area networks, announces two new software products that significantly advance enterprise network security: AEGIS Client 2.2 for Windows XP/2000 and AEGIS Client for PPC 2002/2003. Features of AEGIS Client 2.2 for Windows XP/2000

– Supports the use of the Novell Client for 802.1X network authentication.
– Supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-capable network devices. AES is the advanced cipher used by the US government for sensitive data.
– Supports the use of Windows login credentials for 802.1X network authentication.
– Provides greater security by prompting and not retaining user credentials beyond the current session.
Logon script is supported through pre-desktop authentication.
– Boot authentication support is featured providing network access for system maintenance when users are not logged into the system.
– Enables large-scale enterprise deployment through pre-configured clients.
– IEEE 802.1X and WPA are supported for standards-based wired and wireless LAN security.

Features of AEGIS Client 2.0 for Pocket PC

– Provides IEEE 802.1X authentication support for enterprises and OEMs on the Pocket PC (2002, 2003) and CE. NET (4.1. 4.2) operating systems for handheld devices.
– Supports the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) standard.
– Adds Radio Management features to the AEGIS client for hand held devices, including: Network Access Point selection and configuration matching, WEP settings, WPA settings.
– Supports multiple authentication profiles to permit automatic presentation of the correct credentials as the user moves between networks.


AEGIS Client 2.2 will be available February 29, 2004; AEGIS Client 2.0 for PPC on February 23. Beta versions of both products are available now for downloading from the Meetinghouse website

About Meetinghouse

Meetinghouse is a leading developer of advanced network security and authentication products. Founded by networking industry veteran Dr. Paul Goransson, Meetinghouse has developed security software for leading global network equipment manufacturers. The company is known for its technical expertise, high-quality products and for being an outstanding business partner with the highest ethical standards. The company is headquartered in Portsmouth, NH. For additional information, visit the company website at or call 1.603.430.7710.

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