Utimaco’s SafeGuard PrivateDisk Solution integrates Aladdin’s eToken Authentication Device

Oberursel, February 16, 2004 – Utimaco Safeware AG and Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALDN) today announced a partnership which integrates the Aladdin eToken user authentication device with Utimaco’s SafeGuard PrivateDisk storage solution. The partnership enables a smooth integration between the products and provides powerful security for accessing files stored via the Safeguard PrivateDisk system.

eToken, a cost-effective USB-based security key that serves as an alternative to traditional smart card systems, is combined with SafeGuard PrivateDisk to guarantee the identity of those accessing stored files. SafeGuard Private Disk confidentially stores files and folders in a separate, highly secure document store that protects user information in networks, on file servers, hard-disks, USB-devices and on mobile data media.

“The certification represents one of many upcoming certifications for SafeGuard solutions”, said Axel Bodemann, business development manager of Utimaco Safeware. “The close partnership with Aladdin enables us to provide customers with user-optimized security solutions and to guarantee our protection of their investment by an optimally integrated solution.”

According to Mr. Leedor Agam, vice president of eToken and eBusiness solutions at Aladdin Knowledge Systems, “Smooth interoperability between Aladdin’s eToken and Utimaco’s solution provides yet another layer of authentication and security, ensuring that files are protected against unauthorized access. Aladdin is pleased to gain Utimaco as a valued eToken Solution partner for encryption of files and folders, emails and disks.”

During the RSA Conference scheduled for February 23 through February 27 in San Francisco, Aladdin and Utimaco will present the combined solution at booth #1501 (Aladdin) and booth #1315 (Utimaco). Additional information and a free demo download of SafeGuard PrivateDisk are available online at http://www.utimaco.de/sg-privatedisk.

About eToken
eToken is a USB authentication device about the size of a normal house key. It offers users and IT security administrators a fully portable, cost- effective means to authenticate users and digitally sign sensitive business transactions. eToken PRO offers advanced smart card functionality with a robust onboard cryptographic processor featuring either 1024-bit RSA, 3xDES and SHA1 algorithms. eToken PRO is the ideal solution for PKI enabled applications. Since operations such as signing and PKI key generation are done on the token itself, sensitive data is kept away from the hostile environment of the PC. eToken R2 offers simple yet robust 120bit DESX onboard security functionality as its underlying technology. Both the eToken PRO and the R2 feature a one-piece plastic housing, providing an unmatched tamper-evident and water-resistant container.

About Utimaco Safeware AG
Utimaco Safeware AG is one of the leading European manufacturers of professional IT security solutions. The security technology and solutions developed by Utimaco Safeware protect the electronic data of companies and government bodies against unauthorized access and guarantee that business processes and administrative procedures in the electronic world are binding and confidential. The business unit Personal Device Security provides technologies and solutions to guarantee mobile security in the fields of strong authentication, including biometric procedures, encryption and integrity control. The products and solutions secure data in Terminal Server and Citrix environments, on PCs, Laptops and PDAs at workstations and on the road.

About Aladdin Knowledge Systems
Aladdin (NASDAQ: ALDN) is a leader in digital security, providing solutions for software commerce and Internet security since 1985. Aladdin serves over 30,000 customers worldwide. Aladdin’s products include: the USB-based eToken device for user authentication and e-commerce security; the eSafe line of content security solutions that protect PCs and networks against malicious, inappropriate and nonproductive Internet-borne content; HASP and Hardlock, hardware-based software security systems that protect the revenues of developers; and Privilege, a software licensing and distribution platform. Visit Aladdin’s Web site at www.eAladdin.com.

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