Datakey, Inc. Becomes Microsoft Certified Partner

Minneapolis, MN – 26 February 2004 – Datakey Inc., (DKEY.OB;, a leading developer of information security software products that simplify and secure access to corporate and government information systems, announced today that it has received notification of acceptance into the 2004 Microsoft Certified Partner Program. Membership in the Microsoft Certified Partner Program demonstrates Datakey’s commitment to development and deployment of simple and secure authentication solutions leveraging the performance and reliability of Windows®-based systems.

“When customers evaluate security systems to implement in a Microsoft environment, a Microsoft Certified Partner provides an increased level of trust that the application will work seamlessly,” said Tim Russell, president and CEO of Datakey, Inc. “We are delighted to have earned this endorsement by Microsoft as we deliver our Datakey Axis strong authentication and single sign-on solution to our customers. Datakey Axis is a simple, easy-to-use and deploy security system that stores all of a user’s digital credentials onto one secure smart card, providing access through a single sign-on.”

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Datakey ensures that its security solutions integrate fully with Microsoft operating environments, and that its products operate seamlessly with Microsoft software including Windows, Active Directory, IE and other applications. Datakey Axis uniquely enhances identity management within a Microsoft environment offering seamless provisioning of passwords and other credentials directly to a user’s smart card.

What is Datakey Axis?

Datakey Axis is a smart card-based Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution that addresses the current password management problem while providing a foundation for introducing stronger authentication methods. With an innovative client-only architecture and patent pending Rapid Deployâ„? technology, organizations can quickly and easily implement the solution without undertaking a major infrastructure change or requiring end user training. Datakey Axis essentially serves as an ATM card for usernames and passwords – a user presents a password or PIN to the smart card and the Axis software takes over all login and password management (eg. change) functions without requiring user action – a true single sign on experience.

About Datakey, Inc.

Datakey Inc. ( delivers intelligent solutions that strengthen security and simplify user identification. Our solutions significantly increase the convenience and security for users logging into company resources by consolidating all digital credentials – including passwords, digital certificates, VPN credentials and biometric data – onto one smart card and automating access through a single sign-on. Datakey’s fully integrated smart card-based single sign-on systems allow our customers to automatically enforce stronger access controls while at the same time eliminating the need for the user to remember and manage multiple complex passwords.

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