MicroOLAP Technologies Has Created Components For The Raw Network Traffic Capture With Unprecedented Operating Performance

Previously available only to Delphi/C++Builder developers, the suite has been rewritten in Microsoft Visual C++, and is now available to any development environment including Microsoft VisualBasic, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual C#, Borland Delphi/C++Builder, Sybase PowerBuilder, Intel C++ for Windows, and many others.

Just like previous VCL version, the new one doesn’t require any external network driver’s installation, but uses its own built-in network driver with a very high working efficiency rate. This driver works directly with the network adapter selected in the application. Up on initiation and termination of the application using Packet Sniffer SDK library, a built-in network driver loads and unloads, not interfering with the previously installed networking software.

With the release of these new editions, Packet Sniffer SDK has obtained a new convenient feature – a built-in BSD Packet Filtering engine which leads to an even more increased performance. Packet Sniffer SDK (since the release of the first VCL version) has been used in advanced and heavy work loaded applications which require an exceptional performance, where the loss of networking packets is absolutely unacceptable.

For security reasons, the developers can only present simple examples of the product’s usage: in one of the implementations, an application written using Packet Sniffer SDK intercepts 1GB of raw Ethernet traffic supplied by the pipeline monitoring system of one of the largest oil-producing platforms.

Once captured, the data is placed on a range of SQL servers for subsequent processing and analysis.

On the developers’ website, you can find a small load testing utility for Packet Sniffer SDK. It is an SMB protocol sniffer, allowing you to capture the files transferred through the local network on-the-fly, or simply log their read/write operations. The utility is available here: http://packet-sniffer-sdk.com/smbsniffer.html

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