Vontu To Host Webcast To Help Executives Understand The Implications of California’s SB-1 Legislation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – MARCH 11, 2004 – Vontu, Inc., will host a webcast to help executives understand the implications of California’s SB-1 legislation (also known as Senator Jackie Speiers’ bill). Larry Ponemon, chairman of the Ponemon Institute, will review the details of the new law, as well as results from a recent Customer Trust Survey which investigates the implications of customer notifications and the relationship between customer trust to company brand loyalty. Dr. Ponemon will also unveil the companies that were recently voted most respected for privacy.

The Vontu webcast will take place on Tuesday, March 23, at 10 am PT/1 pm ET.

Dr. Larry Ponemon is the Chairman of the Ponemon Institute. Dr. Ponemon is an Adjunt Professor of Ethics and Privacy at the CIO Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, and currently serves on the Unisys Corporation’s Security Advisory Board and the IBM Privacy Council. In addition, he was the appointed member of the Advisory Committee for Online Privacy at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Previously, Dr. Ponemon was the Global Managing Partner of Compliance Risk Management at Pricewaterhouse Cooopers.

To register, please click the following link: http://www.vontu.com/newsletter_form.php

About Vontu
Vontu provides Data Firewall solutions to help global enterprises protect critical customer and company information from the insider security threat. Vontu’s flagship product, Vontu Protect, acts as a security checkpoint at every exit on the corporate network, monitoring email, Web mail, Web posts, instant messages, FTP and other electronic communication channels for leaks of sensitive information. By accurately identifying incidents of information disclosure and security policy violations as they happen, Vontu helps companies avoid regulatory fines, lawsuits, lost business, public embarrassment and other consequences of intentional or malicious data leaks.

More information about Vontu can be found at www.vontu.com.

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