Meta Group Confirms Proxy Appliances Warranted For Web Control in Most Organizations

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Mar. 22, 2004 — Blue Coatâ„? Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BCSI), a leading provider of proxy appliances, today announced that a recently published META Group (Nasdaq: METG) white paper affirms proxy appliances are a necessity for most organizations, capable of providing granular visibility and control over the appropriateness of user-initiated Web communications and content.

META Group is a leading research and consulting firm that focuses on information technology and business transformation strategies. The paper authored by META senior program director of security and risk strategies Mark Bouchard states, “Traditional security strategies have focused on ‘network access’ and blocking outside threats from entering the internal network. While these measures remain instrumental to providing security for today’s networked environments, they are no longer sufficient.”

The paper, titled “The Growing Security Threat: Your Employees,” details the emerging security threats and potential exposure to today’s organizations created by unmonitored employee Web use, specifically in the form of user productivity losses, legal liability, and degradation of network availability. The paper also provides technology recommendations for gaining visibility and control of user communications over the Web.

“Establishing a security solution to address the appropriateness of content and its usage within electronic communications has quickly become a legitimate business issue, due in part to productivity, liability, and privacy concerns,” said META Group’s Bouchard. “A separate solution focused on user and content control, ideally based on an appliance platform and a proxy architecture, will be warranted for most organizations.”

“Organizations can no longer risk the integrity of their business by allowing employees to run rampant on corporate Web resources,” said Steve Mullaney, vice president of marketing for Blue Coat. “Because Web traffic is real-time, only proxy technology running on a high-performance appliance platform, such as Blue Coat’s ProxySGâ„?, should be deployed to gain granular visibility and control of employee Web use on the network.”

The META Group white paper “The Growing Security Threat: Your Employees” can be obtained by visiting

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