Trapeze Networks Partners With Nomadix And Picopoint To Launch Wireless Workzone Alliance

PLEASANTON, Calif. – April 6, 2004 – Trapeze Networksâ„?, the award-winning provider of the wireless local area networking (WLAN) Mobility Systemâ„?, announced today that it is partnering with Nomadixâ„?, the leading supplier of solutions that create intelligent Public-access Wi-Fiâ„? networks, and PicoPointâ„?, the provider of complete back-office solutions for Wireless ISPs (WISPs), to form the Wireless WorkZone Allianceâ„?. The Wireless WorkZone Alliance will exhibit at the WLAN Event, in Olympia, London, on April 6 and 7. The alliance will demonstrate examples of revenue-generating services and productivity-enhancing applications within a WLAN infrastructure, including venues such as airports, hotels and public hotspots (WorkZones).

Through the introduction of the Wireless WorkZone Alliance, Trapeze Networks, Nomadix and PicoPoint have collaborated to form a consortium of best-in-class, Wi-Fi-certified manufacturers and WLAN providers, for public and enterprise use. The Alliance will enable public users and corporate enterprise users to roam securely over any topology, while offering the venues that deploy public-use WorkZones a superb return on investment.

Its demonstration at the WLAN Event on April 6th and 7th in Olympia, London, will involve:

· Trapeze Networks’ WLAN Mobility Exchangesâ„?, Mobility Pointsâ„? and RingMasterâ„? software
· Nomadix Access Gateways and the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software
· PicoPoint’s back-office solution for WISPs delivering services such as authentication, authorization, accounting, billing, settlement, roaming and network monitoring

“The WorkZone Alliance was formed to address the complexity companies face in setting up WLAN networks and realizing quick return for their investment,” said Kees van Veenendaal, general manager & vice president sales, EMEA for Trapeze Networks. “We believe our one-stop approach offers a compelling proposition to organizations wishing to give European enterprise customers and consumers the wireless flexibility they increasingly want.”

“We are very pleased about the successful partnership with Trapeze and Nomadix in offering a complete managed service to our mutual client base”, says Jan-Willem Behrens, chief commercial officer at PicoPoint. “With PicoPoint’s back-office and roaming solution, our clients can offer subscribers of various service providers the ability to have access to the public WLAN, while having only one point of contact for interconnection.”

“Our partnership with Trapeze and PicoPoint provides the key building blocks needed for complete, secure public and corporate wireless access in the same venue,” said Mario Maas, director of sales for EMEA. “Specifically, the Nomadix Service Engine software offers a seamless experience for the HotSpot user– facilitating everything from the ease of connecting to the network to tying into the back end billing system.”

The Trapeze WLAN Mobility System includes Mobility Exchanges (switches), Mobility Points (access points), Mobility System Software and the RingMaster tool suite. Together they provide secure mobility for roaming users, sophisticated services for both users and IT, and the lowest total cost of ownership of any WLAN infrastructure provider.

Nomadix sells a family of Access Gateways to carriers, service providers, and wireless ISPs and licenses its Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software to leading suppliers of networking equipment. Powering over 10,000 points of presence throughout the world, Nomadix’s products are designed to sit at the very edge of the network – leveraging a centralized provisioning system so providers can deploy a revenue-generating service offering that interfaces with their current infrastructure.

PicoPoint provides complete back-office solutions for Wireless ISPs (WISPs). GateKeeper, PicoPoint’s state-of-the art management platform, provides 24/7 back-office services for WISPs, but also for Property Chains that wish to act as a WISP themselves. The professional back-office services for WISPs are complemented by partnerships with industry leaders to provide a complete wireless broadband access solution. Through PicoPoint’s global partnerships with Mobile Network Operators and ISPs, usage on Hotspots is guaranteed.

About Trapeze Networks
Trapeze Networks delivers the power of business applications and services to the mobile enterprise workforce. The company’s wireless LAN Mobility System enhances productivity, introduces new efficiencies and accelerates business response time by delivering secure mobility for roaming users, sophisticated services for both users and IT, all while offering the lowest total cost of ownership of any WLAN infrastructure provider. Trapeze has been the recipient of five industry awards in recognition of its product and technology strength. Founded in March 2002, Trapeze raised $50 million in venture funding to date and is headquartered in Pleasanton, Calif., U.S.A. For more information, please visit

About Picopoint

PicoPoint â„? is a global full-service facilitator of Public WLAN providers and founder of the Global Broadband Internet Access (GBIA â„?) roaming network. PicoPointâ„? delivers essential, nonstop back-office services like AAA, billing, settlement, roaming and network monitoring. PicoPoint was founded in February 2002. In April 2002 PicoPoint launched its unique back-office solution “GateKeeper’ and is now a world leading facilitator of Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). PicoPoint is a privately held company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and offers its services and solutions to the global market. For more information, please visit www.picopoint,com

About Nomadix

Nomadixâ„? is a leading provider of Public-access Gateways and embedded software solutions for creating intelligent networks that deliver transparent, secure, high-speed Internet access to the mobile user – virtually anywhere throughout the world. The company is headquartered in Westlake Village, Calif., with sales offices in Europe, China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. Nomadix sells and supports its products globally through OEM partnerships, Value Added Resellers and Systems Integrators. For additional information, please visit

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