ServGate Enhances McAfee-based Email Filtering Engine with Intelligent Spam Prevention and Heuristics Capabilities

MILPITAS, Calif., – ServGate Technologies today announced the global availability of its enhanced McAfee-based(r) spam prevention engine, touting unprecedented features such as Bayesian intelligent decision-making and heuristics smart-detection of spam characteristics. The combined upgrades enable ServGate’s award-winning EdgeForce(tm) integrated, modular network security platforms to quadruple performance, processing up to four times greater spam email as preceding versions.

The McAfee spam engine enhancements, integrated by ServGate into EdgeForce’s security-hardened ServGate Operating System, offer ServGate customers an updated rules engine. Bayesian filtering is a statistical process that stores information about previous occurrences of tokens and combinations of tokens in spam and nonspam e-mail. EdgeForce uses these statistics to calculate how likely a new message is spam or nonspam. Bayesian pre-trained database and auto-learning capabilities learn on-the-fly from a customer’s email universe, improving spam detection rates and lowering false-positives.

“Seamlessly integrating leading software applications like McAfee’s latest spam prevention engine onto its EdgeForce platforms keeps ServGate ahead of the pack,” said Robert Prince, system administrator at Journey Electrical Technologies, an Orange County, Calif-based electrical contracting firm servicing accounts such as Starbuck’s, IKEA and T-Mobile. “ServGate’s enhanced email filtering engine is a quick response to the increasing sophistication and prevalence of spammers.”

By utilising McAfee’s five different methods of detection, ServGate offers organisations of all sizes an automated proactive and comprehensive solution to fighting spam:

* Bayesian Filtering: The McAfee SpamAssassin engine Bayesian filtering features an innovative auto-learning system, which will adapt to the users’ particular email stream
*Heuristic Detection: Proactively secures the network against spam with a set of automated rules based on known spam characteristics
*Integrity Analysis: Examines the header, layout and organization of every incoming email message and applies thousands of algorithms to determine if the email is spam
*Black and White Lists: A set of standards defined by the administrator and users utilising white and black lists to determine both acceptable senders of email, as well as unwanted and unacceptable senders of email
*Self-tuning: Adjusts the overall spam score for messages received from known senders through its ability to learn the characteristics of email received at the desktop.

ServGate is the developer of the world’s leading modular security system, the EdgeForce platform, which uniquely performs Full Context InspectionTM to block network attacks with integrated filtering of Web and email traffic to screen out spam, viruses, worms and URLs in real time. The EdgeForce platform’s pioneering modular architecture enables new services and performance upgrades to be installed on all EdgeForce systems, enabling them to scale with the growth of the customer’s business and network needs.

“Considerable performance and accuracy improvements in ServGate’s spam prevention services allow EdgeForce hardware-accelerated platforms to more accurately handle larger volumes and file sizes of email to stay ahead of the cross-section of spam and virus threats,” said Dario Zamarian, vice president of products and corporate strategy, ServGate. “Once again, ServGate’s strategic partnership with industry leadering trust brands like McAfee enable us to offer customers worldwide an unparalleled security solution.”

About ServGate
ServGate is the leading provider of integrated, modular network security platforms for small and medium businesses and the distributed enterprise. EdgeForce systems consolidate in a single hardware platform multiple security services – including virus, spam and URL filtering, attack protection, web caching, firewall, VPN and more – in a modular and scalable format, reducing the cost and complexity associated with sourcing, implementing and maintaining disparate security applications from multiple vendors. ServGate’s Full Context Inspection technology provides the deepest level of blended protection possible in a security device by analyzing and screening the entire components of network traffic in their proper context.

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