Kavado Wins Crossroads A-List Award 2004

BOSTON, Mass. – May 18, 2004 – Kavado Inc., a leader in Web application security, today announced that the ScanDo Web application scanner received a Crossroads A-List Award from Open Systems Advisors (OSA). For 11 years, the Crossroads A-List Awards have identified the best new technology solutions proven to deliver results. This year, OSA concentrated on evaluating comprehensive solutions and services that addressed today’s top business priorities for technology investment, with a particular focus on measurable results.

ScanDo is a Web application scanner that proactively identifies security weaknesses in the Web application environment and helps eliminate them before they are exploited by worms, hackers and other cyber threats. ScanDo explores the entire Web environment, mimics actual hacking methods, and then outputs all scan results in graphical and textual reports, providing the information needed to eliminate the problem and ensure regulatory compliance. ScanDo supports any Web application technology and integrates with Kavado’s InterDo Web application firewall to provide optimized security for any application.

According to Nina Lytton, president and principal analyst of OSA, “Kavado customers say ScanDo is a new necessity for organizations that execute critical business processes over the Web. It will typically identify a hole big enough to drive a truck through on the first pass, so payback can often be achieved during the evaluation or pilot period.”

Earning a Crossroads A-List Award positions the Kavado ScanDo solution as a leader. OSA has a unique and in-depth process of research and validation. Drawing on in-depth interviews with line-of-business and IT executives, the program identifies the newly proven solutions and services that are making the strongest contribution to business results for early customers right now. Interviews with these early adopters are key in determining qualifications for success including deployability, strategic value, quick payback and measurable return on investment. In 2004, the Crossroads A-List Awards program elevated its prestige by identifying only 10 companies as can’t miss opportunities for technology investment.

“With the impact of regulatory compliance and the growing sophistication of hackers, it’s become clear that traditional security measures are inadequate,” said Jon Greene, vice president of marketing, Kavado. “Receiving the prestigious Crossroads A-List Award proves Kavado’s ability to deliver robust, efficient security solutions. We are pleased that our customers have expressed satisfaction with the benefits of ScanDo.”

Full text of the Crossroads A-List Awards briefs can be accessed at http://www.crossroads-osa.com.

About Open Systems Advisors, Inc.
Open Systems Advisors, Inc. (OSA), founded in 1989, helps businesses recognize and realize value from their technology investments. Principal Nina Lytton provides strategic and marketing consulting services for technology vendors, due diligence for venture capitalists, and advisory services for organizations pondering where to innovate with technology vs. where to emulate best practices. OSA conducts the Crossroads A-List Research and Awards program on an annual basis, recognizing the best newly proven IT solutions for today’s business challenges. The company can be reached by sending email to info@crossroads-osa.com.

About Kavado, Inc.
Founded in 2000, Kavado is a leading provider of Web application security solutions. The company’s security products are used to protect organizations from the theft and hostile manipulation of Web-enabled applications and data. Having been chosen by some of the world’s leading financial services firms, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and government institutions, the company’s award winning integrated security suite of scanning and firewall products provides a process-oriented approach to identify and protect from application layer security threats.

Headquartered in New York City, with offices in the United Kingdom, France, Israel and throughout the United States, Kavado is a privately-held corporation funded by Banc of America Equity Partners, Platinum Neurone Ventures, Pequot Ventures and 3i. For additional information, visit www.kavado.com or contact the company at ++1 212-302-2400.

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