eIQnetworks Announces New Centralized Event Correlation and Management Solution With Compliance Reporting for Windows, UNIX and Linux Systems

Acton, Mass. – May 18, 2004 – eIQnetworks(TM), Inc., a leading provider of award-winning security, applications and systems analytics solutions, today announced eIQ SystemAnalyzer 3.0, a browser-based centralized event management solution that improves internal systems’ security and performance, as well as reduces downtime of distributed heterogeneous servers and workstations. SystemAnalyzer provides rules-based collection, correlation, monitoring and analysis of event data from enterprise-wide and distributed Windows, UNIX and Linux systems. It is the only event management solution in the industry that offers agent-less architecture, browser-based access and heterogeneous system management.

“Security is no longer a function solely of the network perimeter, and organizations need to understand the sensitive exposure of their infrastructure – servers, applications and business – to various attacks and vulnerabilities,” commented Vijay Basani, CEO of eIQnetworks. “New regulations require organizations keep track of and prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to sensitive information. eIQ SystemAnalyzer provides a cost-effective and easy-to-use automated event collection, correlation and analysis solution to help organizations proactively monitor and detect problems before they manifest, resulting in tremendous cost savings and improved up-time.”

eIQ SystemAnalyzer provides all businesses, whether large or small, with insight into the health of their servers and workstations. It easily installs on any system running Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and XP, and can be configured and accessed securely from any browser on any system. It automatically collects and correlates system, security, application, directory service, file replication, DNS, ISA, Exchange, SQL, IIS and print server events from Windows, UNIX and Linux systems. SystemAnalyzer provides a consolidated view of the status of each system sorted by event severity and business impact, and can generate a variety of reports to help system administrators and IT personnel easily identify problem areas.

“With its easy-to-understand reporting capabilities, eIQ SystemAnalyzer provides us with critical system event information we use to ensure our critical servers are up and running, while reducing system administration,” said Rod Young, system administrator, Dollar Financial Group. “With our large server and workstation installation, it would be nearly impossible to have a handle on the health of all our systems without a centralized event management and analysis solution. We have come to rely on SystemAnalyzer to proactively provide us with this vital information. Its event management, alerting and reporting have become essential in managing our distributed Windows servers and workstations, as well as monitoring any attempted unauthorized access to our systems.”

eIQ SystemAnalyzer facilitates superior operations management for server farms. It aggregates the syslog/event log data from distributed heterogeneous systems and shows the results in a single browser-based event manager console, prioritized by business impact and criticality. It automatically sends out notifications based on administrator-defined policies, ensuring important events are not overlooked while eliminating the need for manual intervention. Historical reporting also helps administrators to reconstruct events.

“With this latest version of eIQ SystemAnalyzer, it is clear eIQnetworks understands the growing complexities of securing an organization’s core assets,” commented Jeff Wilson, principal analyst, VPNs and Security, Infonetics. “The Company has provided a solution organizations can trust to proactively provide them with the critical information they need to stay steps ahead of mounting vulnerabilities, threats and attacks from inside the network, as well as gain insight into systems usage to meet various regulatory requirements.”

eIQ SystemAnalyzer comes with a pre-built compliance reporting module to help meet the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA and HIPAA regulations. It enables system administrators to proactively ensure system availability, performance, security and maintenance, and offers these key features and benefits:

Real-Time Alerting & Automatic Notification – Automated monitoring and alerting allows system administrators to react to suspicious activity and avoid disaster

Security Analysis – Identifies unauthorized and failed log-ins and errant users, improves security and minimizes downtime as a result of improved time to react to any unforeseen events

Host Grouping for Event Prioritizing & Reporting – Group hosts for easier management and prioritization of events needing to be addressed

Auto Discovery of Hosts – Discovers any Windows (NT, 2000, 2003 and XP), UNIX and Linux host systems during installation and/or when new systems are added

Reporting Portal – Shows a comprehensive overview of a heterogeneous environment in a matter of minutes by using the instant reporting functionality

International Language Support – Generates reports in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

Pricing and Availability

Available immediately for purchase over the Web and through distributors worldwide, eIQ SystemAnalyzer 3.0 is priced at $795 for up to 10 systems per license. For a free trial, visit www.eiqnetworks.com.

For a live demo of eIQ SystemAnalyzer, visit eIQnetworks’ booth #231 at TechEd 2004 San Diego, May 24-27, 2004.

About eIQnetworks

Founded in 2001, eIQnetworks is a leading provider of award winning security, applications and systems analytics solutions, including Security Analytics, Mail Analytics, Web Analytics and System Analytics. eIQnetworks products collect, normalize, correlate, analyze, monitor and report on activity across Windows, UNIX and Linux systems, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and mail, web, caching and anti-virus servers to allow IT professionals to maximize infrastructure resource utilization, improve systems uptime and eliminate security threats and network abuses. The Company’s products are used in Fortune 2000 companies and government agencies in more than 50 countries worldwide, including Alcatel, BellSouth, Sprint, Boeing, MCI, Malaysia Telecom, Wachovia, Citibank, HP, ADP, Bertelsmann, UBS, KPMG and IBM. The eIQ Analytics Series of products are available for trial download at www.eIQnetworks.com. To purchase eIQnetworks products, send an email to sales@eIQnetworks.com. The Company’s products are available worldwide through an extensive distributor network. For additional information, visit www.eIQnetworks.com.

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