New Sybari Enterprise Manager, Advanced Spam Manager, and Antigen 8.0 For Exchange and SMTP Gateways Further Secures and Optimizes E-Mail Communications

Microsoft TechEd, San Diego, CA Booth #417 (May 24, 2004) Sybari Software Inc., a global provider of antivirus, antispam and content-filtering security software products, will be showcasing its new products at TechEd 2004. Sybari Enterprise Manager, Advanced Spam Manager, and Antigen 8.0 for Exchange and SMTP Gateways are now available as Release Candidates. These new products are fully supported in production environments and offer companies a multitude of new features including advanced spam detection, central deployment and management capabilities, and multiple disclaimers.

E-mail viruses and spam continue to be one of the top issues our customers face, said Kim Akers, senior director of marketing for Exchange at Microsoft. The release of a new and enhanced version of Antigen for Exchange along with the release of Sybari s Advanced Spam Manager and Sybari Enterprise Manager is an important step forward in assisting customers to better protect their messaging environments.

The Sybari Enterprise Manager (SEM) is a new web-based centralized management platform that provides administrators with centralized deployment and reporting for all servers running Antigen 8.0 in the enterprise. The SEM utilizes the Sybari Centralized Optimum Update Technology for centralized scan engine updates and enables administrators to analyze the current health of the network environment through numerous customizable reports that summarize all spam, virus and content filtering activities. The SEM can be used with Antigen 8.0 for Exchange, Antigen 8.0 for SMTP Gateways, and the Advanced Spam Manager (ASM).

Sybari’s Advanced Spam Manager (ASM) 8.0 is an enterprise class, high-performance, anti-spam, and content-filtering solution designed specifically to assist administrators in reducing the impact of spam messages and unsolicited mail traffic on their networks. The Sybari ASM can be provided as a stand-alone anti-spam solution at the Gateway or as an optional integrated component for Antigen for SMTP Gateways and Antigen for Exchange. The Sybari ASM integrates the Mail-Filters SpamCureTM engine and provides automatic creation of ASM Junk Mail Folders for each e-mail user, an Integrated Policy Manager accessible via the ASM Junk Mail Folders, and White-listing enhancements.

It is critical that companies maintain best-of-breed protection for their messaging and collaboration servers. These products need to work as a cohesive unit in order to provide the protection and performance standards required, said Tom Buoniello, vice president of product management for Sybari Software. Together with Microsoft s enhanced solutions for Exchange 2003, our combined products enable companies to better manage and protect against viruses, malicious code, worms and spam. In addition, by partnering with companies such as MailFilters, we are able to offer products that work together, provide 24×7 protection and increase the overall security and productivity of corporate networks.

Antigen 8.0 for Exchange & Antigen 8.0 for SMTP GatEWAYS
Antigen for Exchange and Antigen for SMTP Gateways are server based antivirus solutions that deliver comprehensive protection through a unique implementation of multiple antivirus scan engines, and advanced content filtering capabilities. Additional enhancements in version 8.0 include the ability to manage multiple disclaimers for outbound mail and aging of records in the Incident Database to manage its size and growth. For Antigen for SMTP Gateways, the ASM can be provided as an optional component to provide antispam filtering on the same platform.

In addition to unveiling several new products, Sybari is also introducing two new technologies that enable messaging administrators to maintain centralized control and management of all production servers from one location. Sybari’s new Hot Operation Technology permits upgrades of the product, service releases, and hot fixes to be applied without having to recycle services or reboot the server. In addition, Sybari Centralized Optimum Update Technology provides administrators a central mechanism for scan engine updates for multiple remote servers via unique push-pull architecture.

As a global provider of antivirus, antispam and content-filtering security software products, our server-based products are used in electronic messaging and collaboration environments to protect organizations from viruses, spam and the transmission of other forms of inappropriate content. These threats compromise the integrity of networks, endanger mission-critical applications and information, absorb network and human resources and expose organizations to increased expenses and other liabilities. Our products integrate multiple third-party antivirus and antispam technologies with content-filtering and policy enablement tools to strengthen the security of complex electronic messaging and collaboration systems. Sybari solutions are distributed in more than 50 countries via Sybari’s worldwide locations and distribution network. Headquartered in New York, Sybari has additional operations throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

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