Sygate Introduces First Comprehensive Product Set For Eliminating Rogue And Compromised Devices From IP Networks

FREMONT, Calif.-May 24, 2004-Sygate Technologies, the market leader of enterprise endpoint security solutions, today announced a comprehensive product set consisting of three products-Sygate Secure Enterprise (SSE) 4.0, Sygate On-Demand 2.0, and Sygate Magellan 1.0-that together, provide the first solution to automate the detection and elimination of all rogue and compromised devices, applications and behaviors from the network. With this product set, Sygate institutes a process for Continuous Protection , that meets today’s real-world challenges of keeping corporate information and networks safe. Fully compatible with existing investments in infrastructure and information protection processes, companies can implement this process and solution immediately without scraping or updating their investments in switches, VPNs or existing security or remediation products and processes.

“Since 2000, Sygate’s vision has been to create security software that leverages policy to eliminate exposures and ensure comprehensive protection at the endpoint-a strategy that reflects the real-world needs of today’s enterprises that depend on an Internet-based infrastructure to do business,” said John De Santis, CEO, Sygate. “We have systematically delivered on that vision with endpoint security products that set the bar for providing the feature set, flexibility and centralized control required by the world’s largest enterprises-many of which have been close design partners because they, like us, believe that today the endpoint IS the network. This solution is a milestone for endpoint security because it introduces, for the first time, a clear process that delivers unprecedented protection by keeping the bad guys out, and the good guys safe.”

Sygate’s flagship product, Sygate Secure Enterprise, has received multiple accolades for its ability to protect corporate-owned endpoints. Sygate On-Demand extends, with a virtual agent delivered on demand, Sygate’s industry-leading policy enforcement and protection technology to endpoints owned by partners, customers, outsourcers or employees connecting from their own computers or public kiosks. Offering deep synergies with SSL VPN technology, Sygate On-Demand provides the endpoint protection necessary for securing web-based applications and the data they access, outside the enterprise. Sygate Magellan 1.0 is a new product that detects the presence of any IP-enabled device on a network – identifying network Dark Matter , or unprotected rogue devices that expose the entire network to compromise – and facilitates the rapid remediation of those endpoints into compliance with corporate security policies. By ensuring that no device escapes Sygate’s Continuous Protection process, Sygate has written the next chapter in enterprise endpoint security and in eliminating damage and loss of information assets.

Sygate Introduces the First Comprehensive Endpoint Security Solution
With the introduction of Sygate Magellan, enhancements to Sygate Secure Enterprise and Sygate On-Demand, and the recently announced Sygate Security Agent for Embedded XP (see separate release dated May 17, 2004), Sygate is first to reliably address the endpoint found on today’s networks. Sygate’s comprehensive solution consists of the following components:

I) Sygate Secure Enterprise 4.0
Sygate’s award-winning flagship product, Sygate Secure Enterprise, combines a sophisticated security agent that runs on each client, one or more policy management servers distributed across the enterprise, and enforcement on servers in the network and on endpoints. Specifically designed to meet the needs of global organizations, SSE allows for large-scale, rapid deployments and ensures that only computing devices with up-to-date anti-virus, firewall, intrusion detection, software patches and correct configurations can gain access to corporate data. In addition, only approved software applications can run in a Sygate-secured environment.

SSE 4.0 delivers important enhancements to enforcement and host integrity, the Sygate Security Agent, and the Sygate Management Server, to enable companies to keep pace with advanced technology and protect the endpoints of even the most sophisticated networks. Key enhancements to Sygate SSE 4.0 include:

– LAN Enforcement – Using the 802.1x EAP standard, Sygate Secure Enterprise 4.0 can assess the status of any endpoint on a LAN to ensure full compliance with corporate security policy. If the endpoint is not compliant, then the switch will quarantine the endpoint using VLAN, ACL, or role-based access control and the Sygate Security Agent can then perform automatic remediation. Once the endpoint is back in compliance, the endpoint will be granted normal access to the network.
– Support for the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) secure chip standard – SSE 4.0 can now detect the presence of the TCG Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a microchip that stores encryption keys, passwords and digital certificates, widely available on IBM and HP systems. The Sygate Security Agent will be able to identify the TPM security chip when determining which security policy to apply, delivering increased security to those devices.
– LAN Sensor – Sygate agents can be configured as LAN sensors and collect real-time information about devices that are on the network, and can detect the IP address of any new device. LAN sensors can be used by the Sygate Management Server to generate reports detailing which systems on the network are running agents and which are not, and can alert Sygate Magellan to probe the device.

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II) Sygate On-Demand (formerly Sygate Security Portal)
Using a virtual agent, Sygate On-Demand extends policy enforcement and endpoint security measures to non-corporate-owned devices, such as consultant or contractor equipment, employee home computers, and devices controlled by customers or business partners. Sygate On-Demand allows companies with little control over non-corporate endpoints to ensure compliance with corporate security policy before allowing access to enterprise resources, enabling them to aggressively utilize web-based applications without compromising network integrity. Sygate On-Demand extends Sygate’s world-class protection to non-corporate-owned equipment by verifying the security integrity of a device, creating an encrypted virtual desktop environment, and then erasing the data from the system upon termination of the session. Key enhancements to Sygate On-Demand include:

– Patch Enforcement-On-Demand’s Host Integrity module now supports creating custom rules and rule groups, which can be used to check customer applications, patches, or operating system configurations.
– Enhanced VPN Protection-Sygate On-Demand 2.0 includes APIs that enable secure installation of advanced SSL VPN modules, and provides enforcement to verify that the user accessing the web application has passed Host Integrity, is inside the Virtual Desktop, or is running the Cache Cleaner.
– Expanded Location Switching-In Sygate On-Demand, the following location-switching criteria have been added: Operating System DNS IP, DHCP IP, Domain Controller IP, Host Name, Gateway IP, and WINS IP.
– Enhanced Speed and Performance-The size of both the Cache Cleaner and Virtual Desktop modules has been reduced by 40 percent, enabling faster and more seamless user access to applications.

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III) Introducing Sygate Magellan 1.0
Sygate Magellan is the newest offering in the family of Sygate endpoint enforcement solutions. Designed for deployment in the world’s largest networks, Magellan ensures that no device connected to the network eludes the corporate information protection process. With Magellan, those responsible for protecting information assets can detect all devices connected to the network and ensure that they are under security management.

Sygate Magellan is delivered on one or more hardened server appliances that run multiple federated discovery and correlation engines, identify devices and the assets they manage. It probes configurations and services, identifying their de facto compliance with security policies, enabling administrators to bring them into compliance with Sygate Secure Enterprise or Sygate On-Demand agents based upon asset and exposure priority.

Sygate Magellan features:
– A scalable, distributed architecture that enables simple administration of the appliance.
– Powerful multi-level device interrogation provided through proprietary discovery technology that offers Level I through Level IV probes for maximum protection. This interrogation enables administrators to collect basic IP address and MAC address information, NetBIOS and domain names, an OS guess using a license version of the NMAP fingerprint database to detect OS information on Wireless Access Points (e.g. Linksys BEF* series) as well as Windows and Unix systems, and gain access to systems to mine valuable asset information.
– Real-time device discovery and secure information storage are important components that ensure information is collected immediately and is reliably available as needed.
– Policy determination and definition capabilities allow users to distinguish between what is happening on the network and how that may differ from intended corporate policies.
– Powerful analysis tools ensure that administrators optimize the integrity of their network through sophisticated analysis of end-point events.

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Availability, Pricing, and Support for Sygate’s Endpoint Security Solutions
Sygate Sygate Secure Enterprise 4.0, Sygate On-Demand 2.0, and Sygate Magellan 1.0 will be available within the next 30 days through Sygate’s direct sales organization and through its distribution partners. Quantity one pricing for SSE 4.0 ranges from $20 to $70 per seat depending upon the functionality required. Volume discounts apply. Sygate On-Demand 2.0 list pricing starts at $20 to $40 per seat, and Sygate Magellan 1.0 appliance list pricing starts at $10,000 for a 60-day pilot. Support for Sygate’s full line of products is offered by the Sygate service organization.

About Sygate Technologies, Inc.
Sygate is the market leader of endpoint security solutions for the large enterprise. Using Sygate Secure Enterprise, the world’s largest organizations protect their networks, enforce business policies, and automate security practices to regain control of network security, reduce costs, and ensure compliance across the organization. Partnerships with industry leaders, including Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Juniper Networks, Aventail, Nortel, Enterasys, Extreme Networks, and iPass, enable Sygate’s technology to operate seamlessly across multiple platforms and applications. Sygate Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Fremont, California. For more information, please visit or call (866) 308-8899.

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