The City of Overland Park Secures Interior with Mirage Networks

Austin, TX – June 1, 2004 – Mirage Networks, Inc., the pioneer in security solutions for Interior Defense, today announced that the City of Overland Park, KS has implemented the Inverted Firewall to protect its internal network from rapidly propagating threats and network misuse. The Inverted Firewall will serve as a new layer of defense against threats like Sasser, Gaobot, Slammer, Blaster, Welchia, and Mydoom without interrupting network operations.

“Exploits and attacks now originate inside the perimeter on the Intranet because of the mobility of users, their equipment, methods of connecting, and connections to other Intranets. Just protecting the Intranet at the perimeter with a firewall is inadequate. Having dealt with the recent worm outbreaks, we clearly saw the value of implementing a solution that can immediately identify and automatically contain threat sources,” said Randy Oehrle, Network Administrator, The City of Overland Park. “The Inverted Firewall is extremely compelling because it provides automated threat response without being in-line on the network.”

“With the Inverted Firewall, we were able to deliver a critical layer of security for the City at a very low total cost of ownership,” said Rod Pfender, Yellow Dog Networks, Inc. “It was installed and configured in under an hour and immediately began to detect and contain malicious traffic. Because there are no signatures or agents required, Overland Park will get the benefits of automated threat mitigation without the maintenance overhead of other solutions on the market.”

“Organizations clearly understand there is a need to secure networks from the inside, not just at the perimeter,” said Greg Stock, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mirage Networks. “The Inverted Firewall is an appliance designed specifically to make internal network security an achievable reality – without the risk and overhead of in-line, signature-based solutions.”

The Mirage Networks Inverted Firewall is the first security appliance designed specifically to protect internal networks. The out-of-band appliance identifies, slows and contains malicious traffic without interrupting normal business communications. The Inverted Firewall is self-contained, requiring no signatures, no agents and no network re-architecture to immediately begin detecting and mitigating threats.

The City of Overland Park

With 163,000 residents, the City of Overland Park is the second most populous city in Kansas. Money Magazine named Overland Park as the third most desirable place to live in U.S. central cities with populations of more than 100,000.

About Yellow Dog Networks

Yellow Dog Networks, Inc. is a leading integrator of advanced networking technology. With over 40 years of networking experience, Yellow Dog Networks, Inc. seamlessly integrates diverse networking components into converged, reliable information infrastructures.

About Mirage Networks

Mirage Networks is the pioneer in security solutions for Interior Defense. With Mirage’s virtually in-line Inverted Firewall(tm) appliance, companies can eliminate day-zero, rapidly propagating threats and network abuses from their internal network without introducing latency into business-critical communications. Based in Austin, TX, Mirage Networks is funded by CenterPoint Ventures and Adams Capital Management.

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