CREDANT Technologies Adds Personal Firewall to its Awarding-Winning CREDANT Mobile Guardian Security and Management Software Platform

Washington, DC – June 7, 2004 – CREDANT Technologies(R), the market leader in providing software that enables organizations to control security enterprise-wide for mobile workers, today announced the addition of CREDANT Mobile Guardian Personal Firewall for Palm and Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs to the award-winning CREDANT Mobile Guardian (CMG) security and management software platform. Further augmenting the depth of CREDANT’s existing defenses including multiple levels of access control, industry-standard encryption, and comprehensive application controls, the addition of a firewall establishes CMG Enterprise Edition as the industry’s most comprehensive directory-integrated security solution for mobile and wireless devices. The announcement was made at the 10th annual Gartner Security Summit held in Washington, DC.

A firewall is an effective defense between an adversary and his target – the mobile device – when used to access the Internet from corporate or public access points (such as hotel and airport hot spots) or through a wireless carrier. Personal firewalls guard against a hacker taking control of the device, accessing business information contained on the device or planting malicious code that can wipe out personal settings, overwrite files and hijack applications for malicious exploitation when the device connects to the corporate network. With CMG Personal Firewall, mobile devices are protected when used to access the Internet over WiFi wireless LANs, GPRS and CDMA networks and protects peer-to-peer communications between Bluetooth or Infrared (IR)-enabled devices.

“In the mobile environment, we carry our computers around with us. By 2006 we will be carrying a networked set of computers, as our cellular phones, PDAs and laptops intercommunicate over Infrared Data Associations (IrDA), Bluetooth and WiFi wireless LANs,” said John Girard, vice president, research director, Gartner. “We believe that this will require every person to carry a personal firewall to protect these networks in motion .”

CMG Personal Firewall is ideal for:

— Organizations that have a large population of mobile workers who are working outside a corporate network and access the Internet
— Users of “always on” mobile devices that download applications and data from the Internet and are vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks, IP spoofing and hijacking of communication links
— Organizations who are sanctioning the corporate use of next-generation mobile devices that include built-in support for IR, Bluetooth, WiFi wireless LANs, GPRS and CDMA communications

Complementing the robust features of the CREDANT Mobile Guardian security and management platform, the CMG Personal Firewall delivers:

— Centrally-configured, always-on personal firewall to ensure a mobile worker’s mobile and wireless device is always protected against attacks
— A policy-driven layered defense against multiple threats that shields an enterprise from attacks, data theft and compromised mobile devices
— The industry’s first directory-integrated, centralized security administration and on-device enforcement of access control, encryption, application control and firewall policies when managed and enforced by CMG Enterprise Edition Server
— Multiple policy creation and management options to reduce administrative burden and operational complexity
— Granular security rules and stateful packet filtering that make it easy to defend against multiple threats by controlling inbound traffic and restricting access to the mobile device based on the type of connection established
— Real-time integrity checking that tracks changes to the system and, if the system is compromised, immediately generates a logged alert, and initiates a pre-defined action such as quarantining the device
— A solution that is optimized to run on compact, low-power mobile devices
— End-to-end security for mobile workers that access both the Internet and corporate network remotely when used with the CMG MovianVPN client

“Organizations are under pressure to secure their mobile workforce and are faced with a barrage of point products that provide some degree of protection against different types of security threats,” said Bob Heard, president and CEO, CREDANT Technologies. “We stepped up to the challenge by delivering the industry’s first integrated, directory-driven, enterprise solution that protects business information when an employee’s mobile device is lost or stolen. Today organizations are more mobile and more connected and we have once again stepped up to the challenge of providing protection with product innovation that guards against attacks on mobile devices when using wireless networks to access the Internet.”

Availability and Pricing
A strategic component of CREDANT Mobile Guardian, the Personal Firewall will be available during the 2nd half of 2004 thru CREDANT direct sales and strategic resellers including Airloom, Envoy Data Systems, EDS, Hewlett-Packard and IBM Global Services. CMG Personal Firewall can be purchased as an integrated component of CMG Enterprise Edition for $82 per user and CMG Group Edition for $59 per user before volume discounts. For existing customers, the CMG Firewall can be purchased as an upgrade for $10 per user. CREDANT also offers a standalone version for $20 per user before volume discounts. For more information on how you can purchase CMG Personal Firewall, call 866-273-3268 or e-mail

About CREDANT Technologies
CREDANT Technologies is the market leader in providing software that enables organizations to control security enterprise-wide for mobile workers by protecting mobile devices, wireless access and the enterprise from unsecured mobile devices. The award-winning Enterprise Edition of CREDANT Mobile Guardian protects corporate data with robust cross-platform security for PDAs, smartphones, laptops and tablets and uniquely integrates with enterprise directories for centralized policy management and administration. Accommodating phased trends in mobile and wireless deployment, the CREDANT Mobile Guardian suite includes Group and Personal Editions, allowing organizations to safely mobilize applications for individuals and groups of users that parallel adoption. Providing a migration path to the Enterprise Edition, organizations are assured that the solution they select now will support their mobile security requirements long-term. CREDANT is recognized as the visionary leader in mobile data protection by Gartner, and named in the 2004 Red Herring 100. Customers and strategic partners include Global 2000 companies such as EDS, Hewlett-Packard, IBM Global Services, Intel, Microsoft, PalmOne, PalmSource, Schindler Elevator, Symbol and U.S. Army Medical Command. Austin Ventures, Intel Capital and Menlo Ventures are investors in CREDANT Technologies. For more information, visit

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