Vormetric Partners With General Dynamics, Technica, Patriot Technologies To Provide Government Agencies Innovative Solution For Protecting Data At Rest

Vormetric’s CoreGuard Addresses Government Need for Encryption of Stored Data with a Comprehensive Data Security System that Directly Protects both Data at Rest and the Hosts that Access Protected Data

Santa Clara, Calif., June 8, 2004 – Vormetric Inc., the leading provider of security solutions for protecting sensitive information, today announced strategic partnerships with General Dynamics, Technica Corporation and Patriot Technologies-three leading government IT contractors for federal defense, intelligence and civilian agencies. Now more than ever, government agencies are faced with the challenge of managing an increased volume of sensitive information and securing it from both internal and external threats. Through these strategic relationships, Vormetric will expand its customer base; further solidifying the company’s position in the federal marketplace while receiving valuable insight into the data security needs of government agencies in order to strengthen the CoreGuard technology.

“Historically, government agencies have been interested only in protecting data in transit and the physical security of data. However, the sophisticated hacking methods used by external attackers and the emerging insider threat have shifted priorities and the need for securing sensitive data,” said Nolan Clifford, Information Assurance Director for General Dynamics Network Systems. “Vormetric’s CoreGuard solution addresses these new and pressing data security concerns by offering an architecture that enables centralized processing of security policies, and distributed enforcement across an extended, heterogeneous network. This is a key feature for government agencies that require strict, auditable control over their data assets.”

Today, an emphasis on streamlining government operating procedures has resulted in a renewed importance for government agencies to purchase IT solutions that are on government contract vehicles like GSA and SEWP. A presence on these vehicles through partners who are knowledgeable in logistics, accounting structures, government contracts and government agency’s needs, offers technology vendors a shorter time to market and access to almost all government agencies. Vormetric has solidified its presence on these contract vehicles through partnerships with General Dynamics, Patriot Technologies and Technica Corporation, all long recognized for focused implementations of technology for the federal government. All three of these established contractors have realized the need for securing ‘data at rest’ and have chosen to offer government agencies the CoreGuard solution.

“Vormetric is dedicated to providing government agencies and commercial enterprises with the most effective solution for protecting sensitive information and enforcing the integrity of the data environment,” said Bill Schroeder, president and CEO of Vormetric. “It’s an honor to work with such well-respected contractors, each with a large footprint with federal agencies and civilian and defense contractors throughout the country. We are confident these strategic relationships will comprise successful channels for establishing the CoreGuard technology as a ‘must have’ for any government agency that is concerned about protecting data at rest.”

The CoreGuard System uses an innovative technology that combines fine-grain access control and strong host protection with high-speed encryption of data at rest to protect sensitive information. CoreGuard shields stored data by granting access and viewing privileges only to intended users who are using the intended application and are performing authorized operations during authorized time windows. CoreGuard ensures that preset user and application access rules are enforced anytime data is being accessed. Furthermore, Vormetric’s MetaClear technology selectively encrypts file content using the industry-standard AES algorithm while still keeping file system metadata readable. With MetaClear, CoreGuard is able to secure data and control file content viewability by users, including system administrators with root privileges, while remaining transparent to data management processes such as backup and mirroring.

About Vormetric
Vormetric Inc. is the leading provider of solutions for protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access or theft. The company’s innovative CoreGuard Data Security System complements traditional perimeter security methods by directly protecting valuable digital assets and enforcing policies designed to comply with regulations addressing data privacy and IT system integrity. The CoreGuard System is a comprehensive information protection solution comprised of stored data encryption, fine-grain data access control, and both host and application protection. The company is funded by JK&B Capital, QTV Capital, Sigma Partners and Vanguard Ventures and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. www.vormetric.com

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