Sanctum Achieves Certification in ICSA Labs’ New Premier Services Certification Program

SANTA CLARA, CALIF.-June 21, 2004-Sanctum, Inc., the established leader in automated Web application security firewall and testing software, today announced that AppShield has achieved certification by ICSA Labs, an independent division of TruSecure Corporation, under its new Premier Services Certification Program. Starting in 2001, Sanctum’s Web application firewall AppShield was the first security product to achieve ICSA Labs certification for Web Application Policy Enforcement. Now one of the first vendors to participate in the expanded testing of ICSA Labs’ new Premier Services Certification Program, Sanctum continues to lead the marketplace by delivering award-winning application firewall technology meeting the highest standards of industry certification available.

The Web application security market is experiencing tremendous growth, bringing new challenges and demands to customers seeking the highest level of security. As the undisputed industry leader, Sanctum has once again distinguished its application firewall technology through recertification of AppShield under expanded testing criteria in the most advanced testing lab in the industry. AppShield passed individualized test methodology specifically designed to challenge the application firewall, meeting every test by the experts at ICSA Labs and providing the highest level of assurance to users that AppShield exceeds industry-accepted product security standards worldwide.

Our customers have always recognized and appreciated the AppShield ICSA certification as a sign of quality and leadership in security technology. ICSA Labs new Premier Services requires intensive testing, and through this independent validation, we are further proving our commitment to technology excellence that helps our hundreds of customers protect their core business from Web application threats, said Steve Orrin, CTO of Sanctum, Inc. With our unmatched experience in the industry and global enterprise customer base, we continue to garner industry recognition and awards from independent review labs and certification partners such as ICSA Labs. Upgrading our certification to ICSA Labs comprehensive Premier Services testing gives customers the added confidence that AppShield meets the highest standards for security and performance, helping them save time in evaluation cycles.

Introduced by Sanctum in 1997 as the industry’s first application firewall, AppShield remains today the most advanced application firewall available on the market, providing persistent, bulletproof defense for even the most complex application deployments. AppShield met ICSA Labs’ standards across broad, stringent testing parameters, including Web application firewall functional security in the areas of protection and prevention, hiding internal application structure, accommodating application changes and SSL support. Built on Sanctum’s patented Dynamic Policy Recognition Engine (DPRE) and its positive security model, AppShield maintains application behavior 24/7, blocking all known and unknown application attacks while permitting valid content, such as non-malicious JavaScript and Active Server pages. AppShield offers IT administrators an easy-to-integrate, flexible application firewall solution to combat any type of application manipulation in enterprise-wide environments, accelerating application security to meet all operational requirements and ensure compliance.

“Application security is a major emphasis for enterprises this year, and as one of the first security solutions certified by the new ICSA Labs Premier Services Program, AppShield has met our labs’ customized testing criteria to achieve this certification. AppShield is clearly mature, as its rich logging and functional capabilities demonstrated in the testing. Many of the common security, logging and functional problems typically found in other products are notably and pleasingly absent in Sanctum’s AppShield,” said Al Potter, ICSA Labs Premier Services Lab Manager.

Officially announced today, ICSA Labs Premier Services offers vendors of established and emerging technology an individualized test methodology designed to test security products in a controlled network environment against a set of specified criteria requirements. Certification by ICSA Labs required that AppShield undergo extensive real world, continuous testing to ensure that AppShield meets the highest industry regulations and independent 3rd party certification testing standards. As a symbol of the completion of the Premier Services certification and as an indication that AppShield has met ICSA Labs’ high standards of quality, AppShield is now designated with the respected ICSA Labs Certification Seal. For more information go to: .

About ICSA Labs ICSA Labs, an independent division of TruSecure Corporation, offers vendor-agnostic testing and certification of security products. Hundreds of the world’s top security vendors submit their products for testing and certification at ICSA Labs. The end-users of security technologies rely on ICSA Labs to authoritatively set and apply objective testing and certification criteria for measuring product compliance and reliability. The organization tests products in key technology categories such as anti-virus, firewall, IPSec VPN, cryptography, intrusion detection, PC firewall, content security, SSL-VPN and Wireless LAN.

About Sanctum, Inc. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Sanctum, Inc. is the recognized leader for Web application security solutions. Sanctum software solutions provide automatic enforcement of intended business processes, ensuring the protection of core information and data. By detecting and defending against any unauthorized behavior, Sanctum protects customers against malicious cybercriminal activity-from theft of intellectual property and customer data, to e-commerce fraud and Web site defacement-even if a site has unknown security holes or flaws. Sanctum’s solutions complete a company’s security infrastructure, assure regulatory compliance and create sustainable ROI. Sanctum’s customers include industry leaders in finance, retailing, healthcare, government and telecommunications. Privately held, Sanctum is funded by blue-chip venture capital firms and industry leaders including Sprout Group, Dell, Gemini Israel Funds, Fidelity Ventures, Wachovia Strategic Ventures Group, Mofet Israel Technology Fund and Walden Israel. For more information, visit or contact the Company directly at (408) 352-2000.

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