New Version of Aladdin eSafe Offers Advanced Application Filtering Technology and Unique Email and Virus Protection

eSafe v4 Feature Release 2 blocks dangerous threats from applications such as P2P and Instant Messaging, as well as from Spyware , HTTP Tunneling and more; eSafe also proactively protects from the latest email and Internet Explorer exploits and viruses that arrive in password protected ZIP files

CHICAGO, June 30, 2004, – Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALDN) today announced the release of eSafe version 4 Feature Release 2 (FR2), a major update offering customers new, unmatched protection against dangerous applications and unknown viruses.

eSafe4 FR2, the only comprehensive fully-integrated content security solution, offers organizations of all sizes the latest gateway-based technology protecting against sophisticated viruses, fast spreading worms and dangerous malicious code. In addition, its core technology delivers real proactivity, beyond and independent of traditional signature updates. eSafe is the only product that keeps HTTP and FTP traffic clean of malicious code without affecting network performance through super fast content inspection.

Specifically, the new AppliFilterâ„? technology within eSafe4 FR2 can block the following application level threats:

· Gateway-level (TCP/IP) malicious code attacks
· P2P (Peer to Peer) file-sharing such as KaZaa, iMesh, Gnutella, and eDonkey
· Instant Messagers such as ICQ, MSN, AOL, and Yahoo! Messengers
· Adware/spyware found in “free’ and commercial software
· Unauthorized HTTP tunneling.

By blocking unauthorized use of these Internet-enabled applications that can circumvent and infiltrate firewall systems, organizations gain greater control and security over their network traffic; control that reduces legal liability and reputational risk.

Other major new features in eSafe4 FR2 include:

· XploitStopperâ„? Enhancement – Strips references to dangerous image link exploits and web beacons within email, greatly enhancing overall email security
· Extended Email Security – Reconstruction of email message to comply with the RFC standards, completely eliminating possible security vulnerabilities due to malformed email messages (commonly exploited by viruses and worms); eSafe now also rejects email with invalid data in email addresses that can be used for email exploits and mail server attacks
· File Blocking Rules per Protocol – Separate file type lists for HTTP/FTP and SMTP-IN and SMTP-OUT, providing greater flexibility in blocking certain types of email attachments
· Quarantine Enhancements – Separate Virus and Spam quarantine folders are now available; quarantine maintenance and email release also improved
· Remote Log Access – eConsole can now retrieve remote eSafe machines logs, enabling archiving and/or generating reports for all passing content
· Import External Lists – eConsole supports importing LISTS files of keywords, email addresses and servers
· Support for Microsoft Office 2003 Files – Unique option to remove potentially malicious macros and embedded executable files from Office documents, including the new Office 2003 WML file format, arriving from untrusted sources
· URL Filtering Monitoring Mode – Option for writing all accesses to web sites in SESSION.LOG, along with the category of the URL, enabling organizations to monitor the categories of web sites its users visit without blocking them
· Multiple Disclaimers – Option to configure different disclaimers for different domains, allowing eSafe to provide content security for several companies or divisions, each having their own email disclaimer text
· New Options for Spam Keywords – Addition of a subject line TAG when a keyword is detected in incoming or outgoing email, enabling tagging and/or quarantining email containing specific keywords in the email body or subject; also allows organizations to save copies of these emails while still delivering them to the recipient
· Spam Email Details in Reports – More detailed information on emails found to be spam by specifying which anti-spam technologies, of the existing 17 methods eSafe utilizes, was used to flag the email as spam
· Improved Virtual Appliance Hardware Support – eSafe Virtual Appliance platform is now based on hardened RedHat 9 Linux OS and supports more hardware, including out-of-the-box support for new network cards, motherboards, hard drives, etc.

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“It is the unknown threat, the unexpected exploit that eSafe4 FR2 targets,” said Shimon Gruper, vice president of technologies, Aladdin eSafe Business Unit. “Organizations need to get ahead of emerging threats so they can aggressively grow their business, safely and securely. eSafe4 FR2 helps to make that happen.”

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About Aladdin Knowledge Systems
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