PureSight, Inc. Now Shipping PureSight PC v.3.1 with New User Friendly Interface

PureSight, Inc., developers of PureSight, the next generation Internet Content Filtering solution, today announced that it is now shipping PureSight PC v. 3.1. PureSight PC is a parental control solution, designed to allow families to manage Internet access for all family members on their home PCs.

PureSight PC is the only parental control filtering solution which uses dynamic content filtering to categorize web sites on the fly. There is no reliance on static URL black lists, commonly used by other filtering solutions. Therefore, there are no recurring subscription fees. PureSight PC v. 3.1 is available as a license or provided as a service by leading ISPs worldwide.

The new version delivers a completely new look and feel for the product with an updated User Interface that significantly enhances the user’s ability to manage and use PureSight PC. Most notably, the PureSight administrator (the individual managing the household’s Internet access), can now manage different filtering policies and access schedules for a number of users. Therefore, each household member will be provided with the exact Internet access that they need.

“Our experience in working with so many of the leading ISPs across Europe and the Middle East, has greatly contributed to our ability to deliver such an advanced solution. PureSight PC v. 3.1 represents a tremendous step forward making administration as simple and convenient as possible while also providing a flexibility not found in any other product,” commented Michael Isakov, VP of Sales, EMEA.

PureSight PC v. 3.1 includes improvements in handling content in major European languages. The product underwent extensive beta testing at ISPs in Europe, including 1&1 in Germany and Noos in France. “PureSight, Inc. is the only content filtering vendor that is dedicated to providing the right solution to the ISP. We offer different models designed to meet specific technical and business requirements such as the ISP’s network infrastructure, type of subscribers, and availability of resources,” said Netta Mendelson, CTO of PureSight, Inc.

In an increasingly competitive industry, incorporating PureSight into the value-added package of services positions the ISP at the competitive edge. The deployment models even enable ISPs to support both residential and business subscribers PureSight dynamically classifies the ever-changing Internet, enabling corporations to quickly increase employee productivity and schools and parents to easily define and manage Internet access policies. Key partnerships include leading ISPs in Europe and North America including, France Telecom, TeliaSonera, 1&1, Noos, VTX, iVillage Access and Carolina Online.

PureSight Highlights:

· Next Generation Technology — An advanced, multilingual filtering engine that automatically classifies all Internet content on-the-fly.
· No Subscription Fees — No need for URL databases means no database subscription fees.
· 100% Web Coverage — Every requested web site is analyzed and screened.
· ISP Deployment Models — Client Model; Client-Server Model; Centralized Server-Based Model; Dedicated Server-Base Model; ACR Software Development Kit (SDK).
· Small footprint – works well for dial-up or broadband service.

To download a free, 30-day trial of PureSight PC v. 3.1, visit: www.puresight.com

About PureSight
PureSight is an innovator in next-generation Internet Content Filtering solutions. The company’s PureSight line of filtering products are based on leading-edge AI technology, allowing analysis and categorization of Internet content in real-time. The company provides solutions for corporate, education, Internet Service Provider and home markets, and partners with leading security appliance manufacturers and security software developers to offer solutions for any virtually network size or configuration. The company is based in Orange County, California and maintains research and development facilities in Petah Tikva, Israel. For more information on PureSight and its products, contact PureSight at: 300 Ave. Palmeras, San Clemente, Calif., 92672 USA Tel: 949 366-3379, Fax: 949-498-5247, email: info@puresight.com, web: http://www.puresight.com

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